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Week 1: Outdoors {HSU Challenge}

Outdoors (HSU)

For the first week in sprucing up our homes for the holidays, we are focusing on the outdoors and/or our entry ways. We never know what the weather may bring in the weeks ahead, so let’s go ahead and freshen up our outdoor spaces while we can.

Here’s a few suggested cleaning ideas for this week. I did not number them or label them for Monday-Friday. Remember,this list is only intended to help inspire you to tidy up for the holidays and to prepare your home for the winter season. Work the tasks into your days as you are able and as the weather permits. I probably won’t even do them in the order in which I typed them myself.

Nope. I won’t. And that’s okay. Do what works for you and your schedule.


[dropshadowbox align=”center” effect=”lifted-both” width=”600px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]                                                           Week One: Outdoors List

Store toys, pots and other outdoor items. Drain and store hoses. Cover/store porch furniture

Trim lawn (if needed). Check and clear gutters and downspouts.

Sweep and/or scrub porches, patios, sidewalks, etc. Wash garbage cans and recycling bins.

Wash windows and doors. Check weather stripping and caulking.

Clear and mulch flowerbeds for winter [/dropshadowbox]



Now enjoy some fresh air this week. 😉


31 Days: Life. Contained.

Welcome to 31 Days of Blogging. Yes, I am challenging myself along with other bloggers to post on a specific topic for every day during the month of October. I know, without a doubt, that it will be stressful at times, but I’m actually rather excited about this series.

My topic?

Life. Contained. Putting everyday living back in its place.

For the first day, simply scroll down to read. For the rest of the days, just click on the topics to read each day’s post.


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(Day 10} The Bulk Botheration

{Day 11} The Cloth Complication

{Day 12} The Educational Embarrassment

{Day 13} The Battery Bind

{Day 14} The Plastic Problem

{Day 15} The Jewelry Jam

{Day 16} The Trinket Trial

{Day 17} The Shoe Spot

{Day 18} The Tissue Trouble

{Day 19} The Necktie Nuisance

{Day 20} The Clothing Concern

{Day 21} The Drawer Disorder

{Day 22} The Daily Dilemma

{Day 23} The Hair Bow Hole

{Day 24} The Personal Puzzle


Life Contained 2014 button

I am weary of lost items. Replacing things that I know, I just know, are lurking in dark corners. Breaking other items that should be properly stored, yet unfortunately met its demise under the weight of my size 10 foot. These often result in not-so-very-nice thoughts to each of the respective owners.

So I’m challenging myself to solve everyday household problems by creating a home for everything. And by everything, I mean everything.

Wow, you’re on a mission, you say.

Let’s put it this way. I’ve had this topic and series named for over a year. This was to be my 2013 topic until I wisely decided that having a baby during the month of October was enough work. I’m a weakling, I know. As a result, there’s been many hair-pulling messes, frantic-I’m-gonna-be-late searches, and pain inflicted clutter moments over the past 365+ days. So yes, it’s been on my mind.

Like every day. That’s a lot of mental stewing, people.

This year, I’m doing my best to think outside of the box. (pun intended) This month’s storage and organizational solutions will vary in style and prices. Some containers will be repurposed, others will be thrifted treasures, and a few will be purchased.

I, like you, enjoy saving money. The price of the bins and tools that are bought will depend completely on the project. I’d rather fork out a bit more money on a nicer storage box instead of purchasing cheap replacements four times due to heavy usage. In other words, for me, some items need to withstand life with five kids. It’s called tough love. 😉

As I was drafting out this month’s projects, it quickly became very clear that this series may have to continue beyond the month of October. I have many organizational needs, I guess. Tell me that I’m not alone.

The links to each of the projects will be added to this page. Missed a post? Simply click on my 31 Days of Life. Contained. button in my sidebar and it will bring you right here.

And if you wouldn’t mind, please share this series with others whom you feel would appreciate and enjoy it. Simply hover on the picture to choose a social media. Thanks.


As always, thanks for reading. 😉






{Yes, I know that it’s Wednesday and time for the next airing of our Delivery Drama series. Stay tuned for it today. I won’t leave you hanging.}