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Seven Second Trimester Tips

seven second trimester tips

You are breathing a deep sigh of relief right now. The difficulties and worries of the first trimester are behind you and you couldn’t be happier. The little life growing inside you is making its presence known in more ways than one. Embrace this new season of your pregnancy and enjoy each and every blessed moment with these simple tips.

1. Move It, Move It

The exhaustion of those early days are over and you feel like a new woman…of sorts. Capitalize on that second wind of energy while you can. Walking, exercising (cleared by your doctor/midwife) and physical conditioning are all wonderful ways for keeping your body feeling its best and preparing you for labor. All too soon, fatigue of the third trimester may overwhelm you in the dwindling days of your pregnancy. Keep moving while you can—that “beached whale” feeling is just around the corner. (Sorry. I have to be honest.)

2. Devour Real Food

If you suffered with morning sickness and different food aversions during those first weeks, well, I sincerely hope that the nauseating thoughts and sights of certain foods are no longer a concern. Take this time to focus on preparing nutritious, whole foods that will nurture both you and your baby. A well-balanced diet is crucial for not only the health but also the development of your child. Eat well and eat wise.

3. Drink Up

Proper hydration is vital to keeping your body healthy and strong. Flushing your body with water will help rid your body of toxins to ward off urinary tract infections, avoid water retention and keep your digestive system moving. Drinking plenty of water is essential in maintaining healthy blood cells, vital for good lactation and an important way to combat preterm labor in the third trimester. Your body is constantly changing, and therefore, you need plenty of water to handle the many developments of motherhood. So get in touch with your dromedary side and guzzle down your eight recommended glasses of water every day. It really is important.

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4. Take a Babymoon

At this point in most pregnancies, a mother is often feeling her best, more energized and like herself. However in a few short months, you will be welcoming a new baby into your home and your day-to-day life will change. Take the time to go away for a few days and just relax with your husband. Enjoy being a couple before life with a slumbering infant and a loaded diaper bag shadow your every move. Even if you have other children and this is not your first “rodeo”, a babymoon is still important. Spending relaxing, quality time together as a couple may be more refreshing than you or your spouse may realize. Remember, extravagancy is not the goal. Rest is the desired end.

5. Dress the Bump

Your expanding front is a flashing neon sign of your pregnancy. You are beyond the slightly chubby state and your rounded silhoutte is proudly proclaiming to the world that you are with child. Embrace your new shape. An expectant mother blossoming with child is a beautiful sight. Dressing your bump does not have to be expensive, so shop smart. My maternity wardrobe is a mix of consignment sale, ebay, clearance rack, thrift store and retail finds. If you are planning on a number of future pregnancies, invest in quality pieces that are timeless and classic. I have pieces that I wore during my first pregnancy over eleven years ago and they are still in excellent shape. Another idea would be to borrow or trade clothes with family or friends to help keep cost down. Maternity clothes can be adorable and still not break the bank. Have fun.

*For example, my denim dress (seen above) was found at The Gap on sale for $4.97  (retail price $59.99) with an additional 40% off. I received another 10% off for shopping on Tuesday and also used a giftcard. I was quite ecstatic with my $2.69 find.

6. Sit Still

Yes, I do realize that I just told you earlier to move it while you can and that I am now telling you to sit still. You may be scratching your head by this point, however, hang in there. In the midst of eagerly crossing off the days until your due date, sit back and enjoy your changing body. All of it. Your swollen belly? Stroke it and whisper sweet words of love to your tiny babe. The constant kicks? Marvel at the first wiggles of life, movements as gentle as the fluttering of butterfly wings. Sit back and murmur a quiet prayer of thanks for this amazing gift of motherhood. In the stillness of those moments, you will not only find yourself humbled by your many blessings, but will also realize that the small trials in your journey really are just that—small. Perspective is everything.

7. Remember

You are truly blessed. The ability to conceive and carry a baby to term is a precious dream of many women and the season of childbearing is such a small window in your life. Seize the moments. Capture your thoughts on paper, document your journey through photographs. Nine months will fly by and the years of mothering your child, well, they go by even faster. Time stops for no one, but you can offset the fleeting years by treasuring every. single. day.  Starting now.

Enjoy your days, dear mom, and welcome to the second trimester.

seven second trimester tips