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Five New Favorites

Life is settling down…I think. Morning sickness is not something that I have ever had to struggle with during my pregnancies (sure, go ahead and hate me!), but fatigue is definitely one of them.

I thought that I’d take a moment to share a couple of new loves that I’ve discovered recently. New trinkets can sometimes make life easier and that is something that I am ALL for these days. However, I also like to keep things simple, so I try to only buy the basic necessities for operating and managing a home.

I love trying new things, don’t you? New recipes, new gadgets, new organizational tips, and lately, new foods. (I’m enjoying blaming it on the baby.) I also like to see and hear how it worked for others before I dole out the moolah. Perhaps you may feel the same way. If so, here’s my take on the following products. Enjoy.

ws epicurean pizza cutter

Williams Sonoma

#1 Epicurean Pizza Cutter

I fell in love with this pizza cutter for many reasons. 1) Our old {cheap} one had rusted very badly and we needed a new one. 2) It is eco-friendly which I am thrilled about- all natural and/or recycled materials. 3) It will obviously not rust. Yay! 4) It is easy to store since is flat and easy to find due to its size. 5) It is more kid-friendly than traditional cutters which are very sharp. 6) And last, but certainly not least, it was made in the U.S.A. Yes, I love the red, white, and blue. It is a bit more expensive than the average pizza cutter but worth every penny in my book.

white weave basket target target y-weave plastic basket

#2 Room Essentials Y-Weave Plastic Storage Basket

The weave on this plastic storage bin makes this above and beyond ordinary bins. It gives detail and beauty while still offering  you the function and ease of a plastic bin.  I’m currently working on my “under the cabinet” areas (kitchen sink and bathrooms) and these are perfect for the task. I love the vibrant colors that you can choose from; however, I like the simplicity of the white in the kitchen. I may use something more cheery in the kids’ bathroom.

method hand wash tomato vine

Method hand wash (Tomato Vine)


#3 Method All-Natural Cleaners

For some, the tomato vine scent may not be the one for them, but I love it. I am a huge tomato fan. Huge. Every time I wash my hands, it reminds me of the outdoors and harvesting a garden that I don’t (and usually never!) have. I guess that you could say that I find my green thumb/ garden fulfillment vicariously through this hand soap. Ha! Whenever I feel guilty about my lack of farming skills, I simply wash my hands. It washes away the guilt. Seriously, I love this stuff. Target has it for a little over $2.00. Not bad for an all natural, plant-based hand wash.

YumEarth organic lollipops

YummyEarth Organic Lollipops

#4 YummyEarth Organics: Organic Lollipops

This is a total splurge and treat for the kids…and truthfully, for me as well. As I mentioned,I don’t typically experience morning sickness, however sucking on one of these yummies can chase away any possible queasiness for me. We try our best not to have artificial flavors or colors in our foods and this certainly fits the bill. They are 100% vegan, peanut, gluten, soy, high fructose corn syrup, articical coloring and MSG free. YummyEarth lollipops are made with organic cane sugar juice and real fruit juices/extracts. They are incredible. I’ve linked to their website; however, a friend of ours from church bought these for us from TJ Maxx. I would imagine that their price would be cheaper than the website. I will definitely be frequenting TJ Maxx for these goodies in the future. Yes siree, I will never go back to dum-dums. 😉

anchor glass storage containers



#5 Glass storage containers

Hubs and I ditched plastic storage containers about two years ago and haven’t looked back. As my collection has grown over the months, I’ve fallen in love with storing in glass. I simply can’t get enough of them. I love seeing them all sparkly and clean in my cabinets, and also filled with delicious and colorful whole foods in our fridge. They can even make an otherwise grubby fridge interior look good. They’re magical, I tell you. I’m currently wanting to add these anchor glass containers for storing  snacks and such for the kids to my stash. They would be perfect for grabbing from the fridge for snack time.

So, what new things have you been enjoying lately? Any new products, snacks, and /or organizers to share?  I’d love to hear.

{I do not work with any of these companies or brands. I’m just sharing with you how much I honestly love these products. The opinions are 100% my own.}


The T-Shirt Necklace





Welcome back to M.O.M. {Make Over Mondays}. This series is really stretching my imagination and causing me to rethink things before I dispose of them. It never hurts to try, you know?!

I have to admit. Today was rough. Pop is hitting the terrible twos a tad early.


So I needed something easy, something simple and quick to calm my fraught nerves. I remembered that I had noticed several of my husband’s shirts were getting really worn when I did the laundry last. Perfect.

I quick searched Pinterest for some up-cycled t-shirt inspiration.  I saw several links for scarf/necklace ideas but the ones that I was interested in were either on Etsy or ended up only being a photograph pinned on bling or google.  I needed something with a tutorial, so I came up with my own.

diy t-shirt necklace



I searched Hubs’ drawer for the shirts that I had noticed were getting thin. Quickly, I pressed the bottom end of the t-shirt with a hot iron.

diy t-shirt necklace


I laid the shirt out on the carpet.

diy t-shirt necklace


Next I cut the t-shirt just below the arms {see picture}.

diy t-shirt necklace


Then I cut the “cut-off” part into equal strips, keeping them intact at one end for easier cutting.  Mine were about an inch wide.  When I finished cutting the strips, I snipped them completely thru creating separate strips/loops.

diy t-shirt necklace


I picked up each loop and gently stretched each one.  This causes the strips to curl into itself, making them look more like cords or strings.  The “old” hem of the shirt will not curl like the other strips, so it can be discarded.

diy t-shirt necklace



diy t-shirt necklace


Lay your loop down, twist, and fold over. It will create two loops. Repeat with 4-5 more of the strips. (Not all of the strips will be needed to make one necklace)

diy t-shirt necklace


Cut one of the strips to use to hold the loops together.  Wrap the strip around the twisted/folded section of the necklace. {see above}

diy t-shirt necklace


Wrap several times, tie and tuck the ends under to hide the knot.

diy t-shirt necklace


It was so easy. It involved absolutely no sewing or hot glue. I finished the project in less than five minutes.

diy t-shirt necklace

I’d love to try it again mixing different colored loops or even perhaps making loops from a striped or floral fabric t-shirt. Wouldn’t gray loops intermingled with pink look really sweet? Or maybe a cheery spring flowered print?


diy t-shirt necklace


It is an extremely unique piece of “jewelry”…very Anthropologie-ish. I love the knot.

Bunny and Fuzz thought that it was great and I have both of them to thank for all of the photos of me.


diy t-shirt necklace


They do a great job.  =)

Hubs, on the other hand, thought that it was ummm….a very interesting craft. Love that guy. He encourages me in all my endeavors.

In the end, I had fun crafting a quick necklace while doing what I usually do with old t-shirts -making rags.

diy t-shirt necklace

So what have you been crafting over the weekend? Save anything from the ragbag? Share things that you’ve been remaking. I’d love to hear.

Happy Monday.

2012 Highlights

Greetings to one and all!  I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas with loved ones.  We were blessed to have enjoyed a white Christmas with Hubs’ family. It was beautiful. Our girls have had many, many snowball fights with their aunt and uncles and built a tiny snowman.  After having a snowless winter last year, this was really special for them. God sometimes answers even the tiny wishes of our hearts, doesn’t He?

I cannot believe that 2013 is already here.  2012 flew by in so many ways and yet in others, it seemed very long.  Did you feel that way?

Today I’m going to share a recap of  highlights from 2012. Join me for a quick stroll down memory lane of popular posts of 2012.  🙂

1) I began the year with my Word for 2012 post. Do you remember that? Long time ago, huh?!  I’ve thought about that post often throughout this past year.  Gifts.  It was a tremendous word to reflect on over the past months. It was not always easy to see things as a gift, as something that was for my good. But in hindsight, I have peace and rest in the grace that God has been and still is working in my life.  My faith was tested just a few short weeks later after writing that post when I miscarried our baby at three months.  Half of a year passed before I was able to share my heart’s secret in a letter. Nearly six more months have slipped by and I still tear up at times.  However I truly do thank God for the gift of that little one in my life and for the overwhelming love of my husband and family.

What gifts were you given last year?  Did you struggle with any of them?

2)  “O” storage for the kitchen has been a lifesaver for us.  I love having it easily available on the kitchen counter and it has been filled with more than Cheerios over the past year.  Golden grahams was a really special treat and of course, goldfish is an absolute staple.


3) My easy dinner rolls is not only a family favorite but also has been very popular for my readers.  It is so incredibly delicious and simple to make.  If you have not tried them, you really should.  I plan on making several batches over the next few days and freezing them for quick and easy dinners.


4) I absolutely love these wraps.  Oh, so good.  They are on my to-make list again for this next week.  Yummo.


5) Easy and safe was the motto on my quest for jewelry cleaner.  This recipe fit the bill for sure.


6) I fell in love with mini pumpkins this fall when I made this wreath for my door.  What’s not to love when it comes to adorable, petite reminders of fall?!


7) My journey for cleaner eating began earlier this year.  We had already made several changes in our home over the past two years or so and we were continuing to press forward to a healthier lifestyle.  Following the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen was definitely a new experience for me. It has revolutionized the way I purchase my fruits and veggies.


8) I’m still using my homemade furniture polish and I love it.  Buff, buff, buff is the key to success.  Knowing exactly what was used on my furniture makes this momma happy.


9) For the holidays, I compiled a few of my favorite homemade Christmas ornaments into one post.  Having your faves all together makes life easier, does it not?  I need to follow the same rule of thumb in other areas of my home. ha!


10) Last, but certainly not least, I finally made my PB knock off poinsettia pillow.  It has been WILDLY popular and was by far my most viewed post of 2012.  Guess what?  I love it too. I’m really looking forward to removing the pillow insert and folding my pillow cover flat when I store it in the attic.  What a space saver that zipper makes!


I enjoyed going back through the archives and browsing through past recipes and projects.  So fun.  It made me excited about the new adventures in 2013.  I’ll be back tomorrow to share my Word for 2013…so stay tuned.

Happy New Year and thanks for reading.

A Homemade Christmas Linky Party

A Homemade Christmas Linky Party


Everyone loves a good party, right?  I know that I do.  I enjoy browsing other ideas and gaining new inspiration for the holidays.  Let’s share a ton of creativity today.  Please feel free to add more than one project.   =)