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A New Twist on Christmas Gift Wrap

Hello and welcome back.



We have seen some really, wonderful Christmas ideas this week and all of them have been on a budget. Well, my simple inspiration is just as frugal. It was free in fact. I was able to reuse something in my home and I love it. This is what I used:

(I apologize in advance that my pictures are not the best. Rainy, cloudy days are not a photographer’s friend, so waiting then resulted in nighttime shots.)


Trader Joes paper grocery bags


Don’t you just love these? This past year I began shopping a bit at Trader Joes. Let me tell you, I was hooked. For a “natural” grocery store, I found their prices to be very reasonable. It is no secret on this ol’ blog that I am a die-hard Harris Teeter gal; however, Trader Joes is giving them a run for their money. I have met some extremely sweet people that work there. Love it.

Anyhoo, I had been saving these paper bags because I really liked their vintage drawings and durability. They are made very well. (Never had a handle rip off yet. Knock on wood.) I believe that they even have a Christmas print, but I didn’t have any in storage since I usually bring my own shopping totes. If you use your own bags, you can enter your name in for a gift card every week. And if you follow me on facebook, you know that I love winning giveaways. Haha!  🙂

I wanted something different…and frugal this year. This ended up being the perfect solution. 🙂


frugal holiday gift wrap



gift wrap supplies


I also went up in the attic and rummaged out my cheap tape from Target. I found a new love: handbands. I got a tremendous kick out of just getting pieces of tape. Really pathetic, I know.

Seriously, it truly did make wrapping the gifts a tad easier. Not saying that I’d ever purchase one at full price… but when you can stock up at roughly a quarter a piece, you don’t mind trying something new. (Subtle reminder: Don’t forget to look for tape deals at Target’s after-Christmas sale at 90% off…even in the office supply aisle.)


wrap time


I shared with you guys last year about our “four gift rule” for our family. This is Zip’s “something to read” gift. Can I just say that I love these book deals from Walmart on Black Friday? This is the second year that I’ve bought them. Five dollar hardback children’s storybooks is a great price in my opinion.


wrap time


Back to the wrapping….

Once you’ve cut the bag to a flat sheet of paper, you are all set to begin taping,… I mean, wrapping. Be sure that if you are displaying the printed side, that you cut and wrap it according to the graphic that you want to be on most visible on your package.


fun stuff for gift wrap


Now comes the fun stuff. I picked up some craft ribbon at Michaels on Black Friday for 70% off  (and used an additional coupon at checkout). Awesome prices and yes, reusable. I also grabbed my craft gift tag set and had a blast stamping away. (This craft was way too much fun with all the taping and stamping. 😉 ) Another really neat idea would be to create a small monogram glitter tag like how Brown Sugar Toast shared on Wednesday. Wouldn’t that be festive  and adorable looking?! I think so. Now I really have to make her craft.  🙂


rustic gift wrap


Here’s one all finished. I love the rustic feel that the brown paper gives, not to mention how the colors go perfectly with our Christmas decor. I can’t seem to get away from traditional Christmas colors: red, white, silver combined with natural textures and touches of burlap, feathers, pine cones, pine branches and yes, brown paper.


stamped gift tags


It turned out just how I’d hoped.


assorted gift wrap ideas for my tree


I wrapped one gift {book} with the paper printed side down. So if the printed paper isn’t your cup of tea, you could simply wrap using the back side of the paper bags. This also give you more color options for ribbons and embellishments. The felt gift box that I picked up last year (and Target…and on clearance of course!) fit right in and added a new texture to my under my tree. Tie the bow and you are good. I like simple.


CYMERA_20131205_221139 (1)



Holiday wrapping at its finest. Free. I hope that this has inspired you to think outside of the box as you wrap your gifts this year. Christmas doesn’t have to be extravagant and costly. Let’s keep it simple this year. Shop your home and yard…and yes, perhaps even other people’s castoffs  (like their trash or thrift items) to create our seasonal decor. Let’s dig down and find our frugal roots once again and catch a glimpse of a simple and quiet Christmas. If we do, if we step away from the hustle-bustle, we will have more time to reflect on the things that matter most: faith and family.

If we had planned an underlying theme or subtitle for our Home for the Holidays series, it would certainly be this. (We didn’t by the way. However, it just seemed to be an additional tie binding all of our series together, at least in my eyes.)

Reuse. Recycle. {w}Rap.  Let’s do it. 🙂

Do you enjoy recycling? Ever shopped at Trader Joes? Wrapped your gifts in grocery sacks? Tell me. I’d love to hear.

Thanks for reading.