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DIY Five Minute Pom-Pom Garland

DIY 5 minute pom-pom garland

Over the past year, I have been earnestly decorating my older girls’ bedroom. They’ve gotten new bedding, pillows, sheets, artwork, decor. a lamp and as shown in yesterday’s post, a new-to-them vintage dresser.

I’m just having fun putting on the final touches here and there throughout their space. This is truly the exciting part, seeing it all come together.

Today I’m sharing about an insanely easy craft that I just made. It was a DIY five minute pom-pom garland. Really—only five minutes. I was able to knock out this little project during yesterday’s nap time, while watching a show on my laptop. This is otherwise known as downtime for Mom.

During the Black Friday sale at Michaels, I grabbed a bag of pom-poms to make a garland for their room.

It was on a total whim. I’d been wanting to make one for a really long time and it seemed the perfect opportunity to pick up any supplies that I might need.
pom-pom garland

I already had my sewing scissors and a set of craft needles that I had also used for my Pottery Barn poinsettia pillow knock off.

The twine I had grabbed just “to have on hand” for projects such as this from Target for a dollar. This is obviously my favorite price point.

I think that one buck for a card of four different colored sets of twine is a pretty good deal. The pink and white combo was perfect for their bedroom colors.making a pom-pom garland

You will need to thread your twine through a large-eyed craft needle and place a knot where you want the first pom-pom to stop. Do not knot both ends of twine together.

Also keep in mind to place this knot at the other end of the twine, leaving enough “tail” for you to hang the pom-pom garland

You also may want to place a knot on one side (or both sides) of the pom-pom as you thread them onto the twine. This will help hold the correct spacing between each pom-pom.

The extra knotting by each pom-pom is completely optional. The twine certainly is thick enough to prevent them from sliding on the fibers. However, I know my kids and that their little fingers like to touch and discover. The additional knots were worth the added time (mere seconds).

If you do choose to add extra knots for each pom-pom, simply nestle them as close to the pom-poms as you can, pulling back the “fluff” if necessary. The pom-pom will then hide your knot. You can see my additional knot in the photo below. (I pulled my pom-pom away from it for visibility. You don’t have to have them show if you don’t want.)
homemade pom-pom garland

I draped my diy pom-pom garland across a little wall gallery that I am forming as you enter the girls’ bedroom. I love the “Imagine” canvas that I picked up from Pottery Barn Kids a while back. It was clearanced at $4.99 (from $25 dollars), and I got it for free with one of my PBK monthly giftcards. The butterfly is also from PBK and came in a set of 5 which, yes, I got with another giftcard. (Due to the gift cards, my children’s rooms have a good deal of Pottery Barn Kids decor, bedding, etc. I love it though.)

Until I decide exactly where I want it hung, I am not triming the excess twine off of the ends. I may need that twine to wrap around something or to add a few more pom-poms if I need to. For now, I’m enjoying pom-pom garland hung here.
easy diy pom-pom garland

I love how the garland turned out and I couldn’t wait for the girls to “spot” it when they got home from school yestereday. So fun.creating a pom-pom garland

I have pom-pom fever now.

Now I want to make another DIY pom-pom garland, this time with primary colors. Or maybe even red, white and green for a Christmas garland.

So many different options for color combinations and hanging choices.

You could drape them across a mantle, a shelf, a picture/or canvas, a bulletin board and/or just simply hang them from hooks on the wall.

Better yet, you could make a really, long string of garland and hang it on the Christmas tree. Wouldn’t that be fun?! 
easy homemade pom-pom garland

The next one that I make, however, will be with my girls. I really want to teach them to sew, just like my mom taught me and my sisters. This involves threading a needle and learning to not poke yourself with it. I think that I’ll call this craft my Intro to Sewing class for my daughters. Ha. We do enjoy crafting together. And making memories.

make a memory, make a garland

This is a great and really simple craft to make with kids. They will love it.

So what are you creating? Ever made a pom-pom garland? If you’ve made a daisy chain in your lifetime, you can certainly master this craft. It is a quick project, for sure.

Leave a comment and tell me what you’ve made recently. I’d love to hear.


Fifteen Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Greetings everyone.  Can you believe that next week is Thanksgiving?!!  Where, oh where, has the year gone?  When I was a kid, I would overhear adults throw around phrases like “Time flies” or “The years are slipping by so swiftly”  and I, in all my childish knowledge, would simply shake my head in disbelief and chalk it up as mere cliches.  Time has taught me otherwise.  The years really do go by fast and yes, faster all the time.

We typically put up our tree the day after Thanksgiving and I figured with the kids having a few days off of school (and Mommy too!), it would be fun to craft some together.  We girls get excited about things like that.  Pop can go spend time with Daddy, wrestling on the floor, watching football, or doing whatever men do.  You know what I mean.

Since we will be putting up our tree next weekend, it will be the perfect opportunity to make a few of the homemade ornaments that I’ve been eyeing for quite some time now.  Here’s my top fifteen.


1. Clay Ornaments  I love the simplicity of these ornaments and the options for objects for impressions are endless.  The pure white clay is lovely.  I probably wouldn’t bother with painting them and if I did, it would just be to highlight areas.  What would you do?


2.  Initial Ornaments  Aren’t these adorable?  They remind me of scrabble.  I’m a sucker when it comes to initials on ornaments.  The kids usually get a new “letter” ornament every Christmas season and this one will be perfect for this year.


3.  Book Bird Ornaments  Coming from a gal who loves books, these bird ornaments are so sweet.  I think that part of me cringes at the thought of tearing up books, but the bookworm in me loves the nod to reading.  So simple.


4.  Photograph Ornaments  Here’s a simple way to remember the growth of your family each holiday (and yes, unfortunately the yearly aging for us too).  You could either put their initial, or if your like me and your tree is already full of letters galore, you could just put the year and maybe a few highlighting words about the child’s life that year (ie: baptized, barbies, broken arm).  It will be sweet to look back on in the years to come.

{source…sorry it’s in another language but you can figure it out by the pictures}

5.  Paper Star Ornaments  Did you love making paper airplanes and origami figures as a kid?  Try out these paper stars and let the good times roll once again.  Hopefully its like riding a bike, once you learn, you never truly forget.  At least, that’s what I’m hoping.  How hard can folding paper be?  Really.


6.  Cinnamon Ornaments  My tree is going to smell awesome this year.  Use last years cinnamon to make these and simply buy some fresh spices for things you’re really going to enjoy devouring…ahem,  I mean serving this season.  Yummo.


7.  Sheet Music Star Ornaments  These are to remind me of the love of my life, my music pastor-husband.  I love the vintage look that the sheet music brings to my tree.  You could even choose special songs that bring sweet memories to mind-not necessarily holiday songs even.


8.  String Ball Ornaments  This looks like a nice, sticky craft that would be fun in spite of the mess.  I’m gonna have to try it just to see how they turn out.  It will certainly be an inexpensive bauble to experiment crafting.  Fingers crossed.


9.  Button Wreath Ornaments  Tell the truth, do you ever use those spare buttons that come with new articles of clothing?  I know that I never do, but neither do I throw them out.  I save them…for someday that they’re needed.  Trouble is, I wouldn’t know where to look.  Problem solved.  Here’s a craft that would keep it all together for you- ha!  When Hubs loses that button to his dress shirt, I will know exactly where to look.  {wink, wink}


10.  Glitter Ornaments  I bought the supplies for this ornament last year.  Every single one.  Did I get it made?  Nope.  I was too busy sewing costumes for our Christmas cantata and adjusting to/preparing for our Angel baby.  The season just got away from me.  Not this year.  This little beauty is first on my list for Monday morning.  I love it.


11.  Rag Ball Ornaments  This one might not suit most when it comes to Christmas decor, but it fits me perfectly.  I heart them.  Let’s just hope that mine turn out at beautiful or I may change my mind.


12.  Paint Glitter Ornaments  I’m super excited about trying this one.  However, I’m planning on changing this one up a bit from the photo.  I’ll let you know.

{source…sorry-another foreign language}

13.  Gingerbread Ornaments  My kitchen will smell good regardless of whether I’m baking {a win-win} with this garland hung over the windows.  How cute is this.  I just need to find a good recipe for this now.


14.  Wish List Ornaments  Another reflection ornament to help keep those memories fresh and special.  My girls’ wish lists are similar to this photo example- Bibles like Daddy and Mommy.  Love that.  And roller skates too.  We will stick with our four gifts limit for making this little memory card- a small list is not only easier on the budget but will also make for easier reading inside the ornament.


15.  Glitter Book Ball Ornaments  Can you tell that I love to read?  and I love glitter?  Aren’t these vintage pages lovely decoupaged  to a glass ornament?  The sparkles only add to the lure…for me.  Definitely on my to-do list.


Wow.  I can’t wait to begin.  It will definitely be a time of fun and creativity.   It’s also another opportunity to bond with my children and to create special memories with them.  They are growing up so quickly.  {sniff, sniff}


And you know exactly what I’m going to tell them as our heads are bent over the many glass Christmas balls and our fingers are sticky with glue…

Time flies.  And…  2012 sure did go by quickly, didn’t it?

Every kid needs to hear it.  😉

So what are your plans for the holiday season?  Is crafting in your future?  2012 gone by fast?  Tell me…or last nod your head about the last question.  We all know that it’s true.  🙂

Thanks for reading and lets make special memories this season.



Rookie Year

As I mentioned in this post,  Pop’s party theme was basketball.  I wanted to keep it very simple.  And I’m glad that I did.  We enjoyed just being together as a family celebrating the birthday of a very sweet boy.

I found the inspiration for his party on Pinterest …where else?!  I loved it.  Here’s my version of the “Rookie Year” Banner.

I bought a pack of cardstock paper at Walmart and cut out my “basketballs” for the banner.  (I also used this for Pop’s hats.)  I then printed out the letters on my computer and cut them out.  (Yes.  I do this the old-fashioned way.  And it does work -it just takes a bit longer.  There are lots of things out there that could speed up the process –if you have them.  If not, a computer, scissors, a pencil and two sizes of cups work just fine.)

I would have loved to have woven them onto cute ribbon or twine but once again, you use what a you have.  Curling ribbon.  *I added a small piece of tape behind each letter as I threaded them on the ribbon.  This insured them staying put and not sliding down the ribbon.*

Hubs kindly let me run into Rite Aid late one evening to develop pictures for the banner.  (Anything for the boy!)  I had selected one picture from each month of his “Rookie Year” and let me tell, ya, it was difficult.  I loved them all,… but then again, I am his momma.

It turned out better than I had hoped.  Love it when that happens.

But then again, I had good help.

We also got approval from the lil’ dude himself.  He was fascinated with the photos of his “first season highlights.”  (Btw, I loved, loved, loved finding that birthday shirt for Pop to wear for his party.  Talk about perfect.  A basketball and his birthday number?!  Yes, please.  Way to go Wally World.)

But sadly, all good things do come to an end.  And the party was over.

So pitiful.

However, he’s now content to wait for next year.   Whew.  I’m glad.  He’s growing way too fast. 

There you have it.  An easy, quick and very sweet birthday banner for a precious little boy.




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