Where do I even start? Should I bore you with random tidbits of my life that no one cares one whit about—not even my own mother? Or perhaps I should be all professional and share all the stats and dates about how Thrifty Stories came to be?


Did you hear that? That was me snorting at the mere thought of me being all professional and straitlaced here on my blog.


It’s just me here. Being who I am. Not following the crowd and rattling off a long list of arbitrary facts that will put you to sleep. Clearly, random tidbits is not my style either.


So how about a quick synopsis involving the highlights of my life?


I’ve been happily married to this hot hunk for eleven years now. On Thrifty Stories he is adoringly referred to as “Hubs” and he is the love of my life.



And he’s all mine.


After attending Bible college together, we eagerly exchanged vows in 2003 and started our blissful journey of matrimony together. We promptly started a family and welcomed home our first cuddly bundle in 2004, Bunny.


(No, this is not her name. My husband and my kiddos all still have screen names on this site. And yes, I realize that most bloggers are not doing this anymore, but I’m old-fashioned that way. And cautious. And well, stubborn.)


Bunny is a real sweetheart with an unquenchable love for music—like her daddy. It’s in her blood and I look forward to seeing this God-given talent blossom in the years to come. Fuzz joined our little family in 2006 and has brought such joy and laughter into our lives. She smiles every day, all day. And because of her, so do I.


In 2009, we added another baby girl to our house of pink (read about Zip’s entry into the world here) and Hubs truly could not have been happier. He was surrounded by girls on every side and was loving every minute of it. Zip, as I affectionately call her on here, marches to the beat of her own drum. She always has us guessing, that’s for sure.


Pop came rolling out in 2011 (find his birth story here) and knocked our girl palace to its knees with his manly presence. Being a boy mom has certainly changed my life. Pop is a rambunctious three year old who discovers new things everyday. And yes, this is a mom’s subtle admittance that her son can create messes faster that she can blink her eye.



While Angel’s life may have been brief on this earth, (my journey through miscarriage can be found here and here) this little one reminded me once again how precious parenting can be, how sweet the gift of life truly is. I rejoice in the beloved addition of this wee one in our hearts in 2012. Truly I do.


In 2013, we were joined by yet another baby girl, Little Van. (You can read about her dramatic entry into our family here.) She has stolen all of our hearts with her gentle spirit and precious smiles. Let me just say here and now, Hubs is completely smitten with her. Van has him wrapped around her baby finger, completely.