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Once upon a time, a baby girl was born  She was the third daughter to the sweetest couple nestled on that wooded hillside.

During her childhood, her parents set the example of thriftiness.  The mother used coupons when she could, shopped sales, sewed clothes, gardened/canned produce and homeschooled five children.   She made it look so easy.  The father…well, he worked hard.  It was such a happy little cottage…the perfect place to raise a family.  It sparked a dream deep in the heart of the little girl.

She loved pretty things.  She loved children.  She loved to play house and making things.  Yes.  It was the only thing she’d ever wanted to be when she grew up.

A wife.  A mother.  A homemaker.

The years slipped by and the third daughter of the couple grew up.  She left home to go to Bible college.  It was there, during that first week, she met the man of her dreams.  The prince for her cottage.

She happily married her music pastor-prince in 2003.  They were blessed with their own little girl (2004), and then another one (2006), and another one (2009).  Finally they welcomed home their first bundle of blue (2011).  But alas, life wasn’t always roses at their little cottage.  They tearfully journeyed through their first miscarriage (2012).  Their faith in God, their love for each other and the prayers of many carried them through.  Life in the cottage was still the best thing ever for the little girl-turned woman.

Her dream had become a reality.  She was a wife. A mother…many times over.  And a homemaker.

She still loves her music pastor-prince.  She still loves children.  She still loves pretty things.   She still loves keeping house and creating beautiful things.  She loves cooking, sewing, shopping, and doing all things thrifty in her little cottage.

That little girl-turned woman is me.

Hello.  My name is Heather and these are the stories of my life.

Let’s chat, shall we?





3 thoughts on “About Me

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    1. heather

      Hey, Marty. It was great chatting with you too. I had a blast. I really need to tweet more…I was totally fumbling around last night. lol!

      Yes, I will be sure to find you at the conference!! See you then and thanks for dropping by. :)


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