The Miracle of Birth (Baby #7)

You remember when I shared our fifth baby’s exciting arrival through a little mini-series of stories (first post of series) about four years ago? It was in honor of her first birthday (code for procrastination…totally). Well, we have had two babies since then….another sweet girl and last year, an awesome baby boy. He turned 14 months old last week and is a precious addition to our family. We all just love him to pieces.

However he also had a birth story that needs to be shared. Life has been pretty chaotic with seven kiddos and we moved (locally) last May. We bought a huge historical home in a neighboring town and have been overwhelmed with fixing it up ourselves. However, my favorite DIY project of 2017 was the discovery of baby #8 on its way.  (Clearly life was not just about nasty demo and painting last year. Haha.) So I’m just gonna keep this post short and sweet and let the video do the talking for me. Enjoy.

OB I85 from Stephen Stockton on Vimeo.


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