How to Clean Blinds (the easy way)

How to Clean Blinds

Have you ever stood at your windows attempting to clean the dust and grime off each blind slat?

Allow me to enlighten you with some information that you may find interesting.

It has been confirmed that the window companies have made an egregious mistake while printing their boxes. To the human eye, one may agree with the label on the box, that the most common size window blind does indeed only hold 34 two-inch slats. However, once you begin the painstaking process of dusting or scrubbing the entire surface of each and every strip of wood or plastic, you will come to the same startling conclusion that I have, the label and the human eye are both deceiving.

Window blinds hold 867 slats. No more, no less. I am sure of it.

Gah! The longer I stand there scrubbing, the more they seemingly multiply. I always vow to myself that I will never allow them to get this filthy again. They will be scrubbed on a regular basis.

Like that’s going to happen.

I will invest in one of those swiffer duster thingys and therefore, dust will never accumulate.

Again—utter fail. Do they not live up to their claim? Perhaps. Or is it me? Probably.

A weekly swipe with a wet rag?

Sure, this may hold the dirt back to a degree, but eventually it still builds up. Also I fall off that weekly bandwagon commitment after…<ahem> a week. Who am I kidding?!

And so I find myself grumbling in front of the window blinds again.

Then a number of years ago, I thought of a remarkable technique for solving this dilemma.

Bathe your blinds, woman.

So I did.

washing your blinds

To be honest, I actually let them just soak and the sudsy water does most of my scrubbing for me.

Clean those blinds in 6 (or maybe 5) easy steps.

1. Simply grab them from the window and drop in the tub.

2. Fill with just enough water to cover the blinds and add a bit of mild soap (I just used my Seventh Generation dish soap.). Swish gently with your hand and if you are like me (small kids underfoot), lock the door behind you as you leave the bathroom. Safety first.

3. If your blinds are made of wood or some sort of material that extensive soaking may cause damage, then remove after a couple minutes. (And sadly skip step #4 and move directly to step #5.)

an easy way to clean blinds

4. Bathe your children, do laundry, wash dishes, eat lunch or take a nap. Let the bath water do its thing. (This technique sounding pretty good right about now, huh?)

5. Wipe them down with a rag (for good measure), rinse and let drip dry over the shower rod or even your porch banister. Perhaps if the day is sunny (and you don’t have dogs or kiddos running around) you could lay them out to dry quckly in the warm rays.

6. Hang and enjoy their clean state as you peer through at your neighbors or simply open them to enjoy the daylight without the usual dust bunnies.

the quick and easy way to clean blinds

If you already use this process to clean your blinds, then rejoice with me that housework can be simplified and if not, then give it a try. You will become a bathing blinds convert.

And when you have a great tip like this one, by all means don’t keep it to yourself. Tell another weary homemaker how to to stop muttering by the the window…

“Bathe your blinds.”

how to clean blinds (the easy way)

How do you clean your blinds? Scrub them one by one? Bathe them? Gave up and switched to sheers? Share your window tips…and any other homemaking tips that save time. Let’s help each other.

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18 thoughts on “How to Clean Blinds (the easy way)

  1. Sarah

    Hi just wondering does leaving the blinds to drip dry leave water marks, you know like there are some things you just have to dry with a cloth because of this reason x

    1. Heather Post author

      I’ve not found this to be an issue with my blinds-they have a matte finish which may prevent that from being an issue. I hope that helps. 🙂

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  3. Karen

    I’ve always cleaned my blinds this way using a sheet in the tub to avoid scratching. The clean blind make the room brighter but it does not last forever. I need a hint on how to keep the dust away between baths.

    1. Heather Post author

      Great tip about the sheet in the tub!

      Just a quick swipe with a duster frequently. Dust is fairly easy to remove, grime not so much. Wipe it away before it really settles on the blinds.

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  5. Susi

    My den has 13 windows and, therefore, 13 blinds. Last summer I removed them from the windows, carried them outside, & affixed them to our pool ladder. I sprayed each with Scrubbing Bubbles, waited about a minute, & rinsed them with a hard blast from the water hose. They turned out perfect!

  6. Wendy Stanley

    I began doing this years ago when I had Mini Blinds. I asked my hubby to install 2 coat type hooks above the tile on the wall parallel to the shower rod. He was careful to find the stud supports & which puts them at least 16 inches apart. While the blinds are still on the window, I pull them all the way up and take them off, then hang them on that wall, spray with water followed by an all purpose cleaner. After I brush the grime off and rinse them they take a short time to dry still hanging on the hooks. Be sure to scrub & rinse both sides. Like your method, the strings get wet which can weaken them so it’s important to work quickly. When they are nearly dry, just pull them up again & rehang. Such a great way to freshen the whole room. I now have plantation blinds and wonder if they are light enough to hang on the hooks, The full tub method to wash may be the better way now but my hooks can still help in drying. Bathing suits can be hung on these hooks too plus any hand washables.

  7. Marly

    Hi, Heather, this is an interesting idea. (I thought you were going to say to close the blinds before cleaning them.) How often do you find that you need to do this?

    1. heather Post author

      Hey Marly,
      Closing the blinds would certainly help, but you typically have an overlap of the slats- thus allowing the light to be better blocked. This prevents you from being able to fully and effectively clean the blinds. Dust is easy to, well, dust away, but the grime that builds up over time is what I’m talking about having to clean. It’s a dusty film that can be time consuming to remove one by one. I find that three times a year (maybe four…depending on the area of the country in which you live) is sufficient for this technique. The “closed blinds” dusting method works well during the times between the cleaning. Hope that this helps. Thanks so much for stopping by and for taking the time to comment. Have a great day.


      1. RITA



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