Twelve Handmade Christmas Trees

Christmas trees. I love them. And most of the time, I enjoy putting them up…except for the year that our tree lights went out. Twice. Needless to say, we had a dark tree that Christmas.

I enjoy little tabletop trees and colorful vignettes made up of little trees. Perhaps I love them for their ease and simplicity of set-up. I don’t know. I think it boils down to the fact that I just like seeing Christmas decorations. Yes, that sounds about right. It has nothing to do with my laziness and everything to do with loving Christmas decor.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 😉

Here are twelve of some of my favorite handmade Christmas trees, perfect for a tabletop or nestled in a festive collection in your home.

12 Handmade Christmas Trees



1. Paper Scrap Christmas Tree

Paper Scrap Christmas Tree

{Glue Dots}

What a great way to use what you have and not be wasteful. You’re creating something beautiful out of what most people would have tossed into the garbage long ago. Hang onto your paper. You never know when inspiration may strike.

2. Twine Christmas Trees

Twine Christmas Trees

 {DIY Crafty Projects}

Here’s an easy project using just a few supplies. You can really change up the look and texture of these trees by adding different embellishments and string or something similar. Love this.

3. Coffee Filter Trees


{I Heart Naptime}

Don’t you just love coffee filter crafts? This little white Christmas tree is made out of just that—coffee filters! I think that natural rippled effect of the filters only add to the charm and detail of the little tree. Too cute…and easy.

4. Nuts and Bolts Christmas Trees

Nuts and Bolts Christmas Trees

{Left Brain Craft Brain}

These little beauties are pure genius. It never ceases to amaze me the crafts that people come up with common, household items. This was an engineer’s craft challenge for her child’s fine motor skills. Surprising, huh? What a great idea and such a fun (and educational) holiday craft for small kids.

5. Fabric Christmas TreesFabric Christmas Trees

{The Creativity Exchange}

These handmade cone trees are darling, are they not? This is another great use of repurposing scrap materials into something festive and beautiful. The color schemes and embellishment possibilities are endless.

6. Rustic Stick Treea6e84086dd4cbd332988b31a80224e38

{Bower Power}

This little tree certainly has a charm all of its own. While this craft may require some scrounging for sticks and twigs in your yard, it would not be difficult at all to glue together. This would be a fun one to have kids help out with, like a puzzle.

7.  Ribbon Loop Christmas TreeRibbon Loop Christmas Tree

{Making Lemonade}

These are gorgeous little knock-offs from a West Elm inspiration. I think that they turned out great. Again, like many of these craft inspirations, this would require just a little work cutting and gluing the pieces of ribbon. How easy is that?!

8. Book Page Christmas TreesBook Page Christmas Trees

{My Blessed Life}

I find these vintage book page trees delightful, but maybe that’s the bookworm in me. The little silver trim adds interest to the simple trees and the red bells add a splash of color to this craft.

9. DIY Pallet Christmas TreePallet Christmas Tree

{Redhead Can Decorate}

I thoroughly enjoy rustic decor. Mix rustic and Christmas, well, I’m hooked. This was a brilliant idea to form and decorate a Christmas tree on a pallet. I know that this look is not for everyone, but is it not completely pretty all lit up? I think so.

10. Plastic Spoon Trees


Plastic Spoon Christmas Trees

{One Project Closer}

Most would never guess that thses trees were made out of spoons at first glance. You could either use the plastic spoons in the color of your choice or simply spray paint it the preferred shade. There are so many options and patterns available with this particular project.

11. Ombre Felt Trees

Ombre Felt Christmas Trees


The lovely felt trees just scream cozy and winter to me. I love the ombre detail and the color choices pictured above are exactly the ones that I would choose. Gray is my favorite.

12. Cereal Box Christmas Trees

6983480831_a5bd5522f3_z {Beautiful Matters}

This eclectic forest of trees steals the show. Made out of cereal boxes? You just won me over. The various textures of the cone Christmas trees make this such an interesting vignette. I’ll take all of them….and the antique they’re sitting on. Just lovely.

Doesn’t that make you want to make a tree or two? If I get started, I’ll probably end up with an entire forest lining my halls. I should just play it safe and only make my top favorite…or three. There’s always next year, right?

Phooey, I hate making decisions. It’s so hard to choose…………

Happy crafting.


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