Denim and Boots

February 22, 2011 changed my world as I knew it forever. We were no longer a house of pink.

While I was certainly eager to be welcoming home Baby Pop, I suddenly found myself in an uncharted territory of motherhood. I was no longer just a mommy to girls. I now had a son.

A boy.

denim and boots

Ummm. Okay,…so now what?

I had no clue.

Needless to say, Pop sent me down the fast track of mothering boys. I learned the hard way—more than once, I’m afraid—that diapering sessions must be quick and brief. He showered me (and himself!) on numerous occasions. He also taught me that boys, from birth and on up, are always hungry. His appetite (once we got it kick-started) has never slowed down.

dress boots

Hollow legs must be a real issue.

However, one of the things that I used to struggle with the most was how to dress little boys.

What in the world could I put on him that is just stinkin’ adorable and cute?

hockey graphic shirtYou see, I was used to frills and lace. Hair bows, giant flower headbands, intricate braids and gorgeous ringlets. Doll babies and petite-sized pocket books. Poofy dresses, plastic jewelry and patent leather shoes.

But you know what?

khaki cargo pantsI’ve come to realize that finding outfits for my little man can be just as fun.

I’ve fallen in love with the cargo jeans, workboots and matchbox cars. Newsboy caps, sweater vests and corded pants. And maybe a lone dinosaur. Denim jackets, plaid shirts and cowboy boots.

jean jacketThese now make my heart skip a beat. Denim + boots. <3

I thoroughly enjoy dressing my little boy everyday.

fall casual outfit for boysJust the sight of him makes me smile.

fall fashion for boys

But then again, I am his mother.  😉


Fall Fashion for Little Boys: Denim and Boots

Here’s the rundown of how I stretched my dollars to dress my little guy.

  • Old Navy Jean jacket– bought at a consignment sale for $5.00      (similar ….Old Navy would be cheaper, but they did not have any for boys online…other than this, secondhand is good too!)
  • Gapkids orange long sleeve graphic t-shirt– online clearance for $2.00      (similar ….Pop has this one too… in blue. Gap has usually had tees for really good prices on Black Friday in years past. Only $5 I think? And they are excellent quality.)
  • Gymboree khaki cargo pants– thrift store for $2.39      (similar ….Pop’s pants are more of a heavy material than these…chino perhaps? They just do not wrinkle which is every mom’s dream, I know.)
  • Gapkids orange and white striped socks (not shown) – $0.69      (similar ….Pop also has these socks as well. They do not pill. I pick up socks for my children’s gift tubs when they are marked down to  $0.99 with an additional 40% off + 10% Tuesday.)
  • Faded Glory “cowboy” boots– a gift      (same ….He loves these. I have to convince him to wear other shoes and to give these boots a break.)

There you have it. A casual outfit built with interchangeable, classic pieces for roughly $10 bucks—including shoes and outerwear.

How about you? How do you (or did you) dress your children without breaking the bank? Sales racks? Thrift stores? Sew your own? Ever struggle with dressing little boys in cute clothes? Leave a reply. I’d love to hear.



2 thoughts on “Denim and Boots

  1. Christina @ The Frugal Homemaker

    After having 2 nieces, I really didn’t think a nephew was going to be that exciting. You know… boring clothes, dirty/high energy boys. Boy was I wrong! 🙂 He is probably the cleanest of the 3 and in my opinion the funnest one of the 3 to dress! 🙂

    Plaid shorts, polo shirt (or a coordinating t-shirt with some boyish saying/logo on it) and brown sandals – oh be still my heart! Or a sweater vest, untucked plaid shirt, and cargo khakis with boots or brown casual shoes – irresistible!! 🙂 and hats… the flat/dressy bill hats like the one he had on in the picture I recently posted on facebook – need to find one of those so I can do my own photo shoot of him. And boots – yes he lives in them! Found 2 pairs this summer at yard sales. And the little ties for $0.69 and $0.89 at Value Village… I LOVE that he likes to look nice too. Found a puffer vest at a thrift store too – can’t wait for him to wear it now that it seems to be cold! 😉

    I can find him clothes super cheap at yard sales – most of the time 50¢. But I am finding as kids get older/bigger that even secondhand clothes prices are higher. Found him 20-25 shirt/jeans for 50¢ each at one yard sale this past summer for this winter/fall – cutest stuff – Gap, Gymboree, Kohl’s – almost his whole wardrobe except church clothes for $5!

    How old is Pop now?

    and he looks SOOOO much like your hubby! 🙂


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