The Trinket Trial {31 Days of Life. Contained.}

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the trinket trialYesterday’s post took care of those small baubles that can sometimes be difficult to manage. And then I hid them under my bathroom sink.

Today, however, my topic is on open storage. It’s simple really.

I’m using my bracelets as art on my bathroom counter.

bracelet storage

Accessorizing an outfit just got easier, and so did putting the bracelets away.

making a zone for bracelets

Hubs bought me this antique pewter bracelet cuff in Washington D. C. this past summer. The engraving of daffodils reminds me of my childhood. Growing up, we would take family walks down an old, dirt road behind our house. It was a lovely, wooded trek that would open up into a huge field, a field full of daffodils. It was absolutely gorgeous in the spring, almost magical. One almost felt like Dorothy in her field of poppies -minus the sleeping, of course.

Then the gas company had to come through and wreck havoc on my childhood wonderland. I would say that I hate the gas company, but it was because of them that we were able to have city water piped to our house.

So there, I just admitted in two tiny paragraphs that I grew up on a dirt road and that city water was a mere novelty until my teen years.

Yes, I am a country girl.

storage for bracelets

The cuff is also engraved with my birth month on the inside. I love it. And I love my man. <3

I picked up the sea green bowl from Anthropologie. It was surprisingly cheap and I can always use another shade of green in my house. Blue, gray and green -my favorite colors.

bracelet organizerThere you have it. My little bowl of bangles.

By the way, ever notice how things shrink with time? Remember that daffodil field that I was telling you about? In my mind, it was as big as a football field or two, but in reality, it was cracker box size. Hilarious how the mind works.


tip 15

  Have you ever tried storing things in plain sight? Do you have something pretty that could be left out, something that makes you smile? Storage can even double as art. Decorative and contained is a definite win-win.

Go ahead, try it. Leave something out on purpose. In a container, of course.



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