The Tissue Trouble {31 Days of Life. Contained.}

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the tissue trouble

Forgive me.

I’m designating an entire post in this series to toilet tissue.

Let’s conduct this like a Scott’s extra soft toilet paper commercial and just whisper. Allow me for the next, oh…thirty seconds or so to murmur in your ear about an irksome mom problem.

Is that better? Can you still hear me? 

For years, we have had issues with empty rolls, disappearing half used tubes and fresh new rolls dancing like balls of yarn across the bathroom floor. 

bathroom organizer

It all started when I began potty training my children. I think that little people may be the root of this issue….but that’s just between you and me.

I solved one of our issues in our hall bathroom with yet another basket. It’s the same large, deep basket that settled my cleaning cloth dilemma.

I keep the rolls ready to go under the bathroom counter. After several towers of tp rolls stacked and knocked down like building blocks, well, I guess that you could say that I’ve finally learned my lesson.

organizing the bathroom

Perhaps one day, when my kids are raised, an attractive and open display will be a possibility. For now though, clean tissue is my goal.

Ok ….at this time you can resume your normal speaking voice.

Now if I can just convince my kids that the toilet paper holder previously mounted to the wall was not a handle. Spackle can truly cover a multitude of messes and damage.


tip 17

So how do you handle tissue troubles? Use a stand for extra rolls? Create a little stack on the back of the toilet? A nice arrangement in a basket? Or maybe just trust that they’ll find the plastic wrapped pack under the sink? Whatever your style, order is king and habit is queen. Obviously this theory applies to more areas than just bathrooms. Make this your household motto. Organize your space and keep it that way.


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