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preparing a lunch drawer

School mornings can be rough sometimes. Attempting to get three young girls out the door in a timely fashion should earn me a medal. It really should.

Every minute of our morning is valuable. Time can’t be lost searching for items that are necessary for exiting the house. And packing lunches shouldn’t make me grumpy.

Am I alone in giving packed lunches the stink eye? Please tell me I’m not.

However, that was the old me. This is the new me, and this is my mantra. Cool mommas have lunch drawers. 

Seriously though, we are in our second year of living with a lunch drawer and loving it.

How to Create a Lunch DrawerToday I’d like to share about how you can organize your own lunch drawer. It is life-changing. Promise.

lunch drawer inspiration

Best. decision. ever.

Truly. I cannot sing its praises loudly enough. Every thing that I need to make lunches on the go is contained in one drawer. Kids in school? This is vital. Bagged lunch for you and/or your spouse? This makes it easier. Going on a homeschool outing or simply enjoying lunch at the park? This prevents wrinkles and premature gray hair.

Ok, maybe not, but it is a helpful, organizational tool for your kitchen.

Most of us, at different times -if not every day, would benefit from a dedicated lunch drawer. Why not make life easier and store it all in the same spot? This not only makes it a snap for you, but it also allows for someone else to quickly step in and pack lunches for the day. And wouldn’t that be nice?  😉

And without asking a bazillion questions about where things can be found. Now you’re sold, right?

Here’s some of the highlights of my lunch drawer.

lunch drawer items

Life Factory bottles are one of my favorites for beverages. Sure, they can be pricey, but they are solidly made, versatile, green living and worth every penny in my book. I absolutely love drinking out of glass containers. The silicone sleeve helps prevent the bottles from breaking and are also available in a variety of colors. Each member in our family has their own special color, making it easy for identification. (Fuzz is our “purple” child, etc.) Hubs and I have the 22 oz. water bottles, while the 9 oz. bottles are the perfect size for children’s lunch boxes (pictured above). We even have a 4 oz. bottle for Baby #5. She is transitioning from the bottle nipple cap to a sippy cap. You can buy different attachments or just use plain lids. These bottles are great…perhaps a stocking stuffer idea for this year.

lunch drawer things

Thermos containers are awesome. My girls tell me how they open their lunches at school and it’s still steaming, even though four hours later. FOUR hours. The smell of their hot lunches permeate the classroom, and then the other children’s cold sandwiches don’t look so appetizing to their owners. Yup. I am so the cool mom. (Actually it’s just easier to give them leftovers than to create a whole new meal, but don’t tell my kids that. I’m enjoying my elevated status.) These containers really do hold up to their claim of keeping hot foods hot for up to five hours. I have yet to test their ability to keep cold things cold, but I’m sure that it can handle that task as well. Thermos is undeniably a brand that you can trust.

lunch drawer fun

Lunchskins have become another love of mine. They are simple to use and easy to clean. I either wash them by hand or turn them inside out and run them through the dish washer on the top rack. I then let them air dry on a towel overnight. Lunchskins come in an assortment of fun designs. These bags save us money and help keep the plastic out of my kiddos lunches. I also love the ability to reuse.

making a lunch zone

Stainless steel food containers had been on my wish list for quite some time, and then I found these, Kids Konserve. Unlike other brands, these lids do not crack and are easy for my children to open, even my kindergartner. These are perfect for “wet” or “soft”  items that I don’t want to put in their Lunchskins bags- like watermelon, cucumbers, etc. The smaller container with the red lid is the perfect size for condiments like ketchup or ranch dressing. If you are looking for “greener” storage solutions, this is the brand that I would recommend.

creating a lunch zone

Fun paper straws are a given. Drinks just are’t the same without them.  (Dollar Tree has had some fun options lately.)

We have “color” coded real silverware that I pack in the appropriate child’s lunch box. Reuse is obviously the motto of  this drawer.

To the right, I have disposable utensils for field trip days….made from natural elements like corn. They are really fun, a good science experiment as you watch them decompose in your compost pile or yard. Learning can be everywhere, even in trash. 😉

lunchbox notes

And last, but not least, fun Lunchbox Notes from Pottery Barn Kids (free of course) makes eating exciting and sparks good conversation.


tip 4

So have I convinced you yet? Think about your mornings. Sometimes they are chaotic, aren’t they? Give creating a lunch drawer a shot. Organizing similar items in one spot can make a task more enjoyable. You may be like me, and never go back. They make mornings a happier time.

the lunch drawer

It’s true. This momma has a smile on her face, and the lunch boxes are undoubtedly happier about that.

P.S. You can tell my Hubs about how I need a medal. 😉

How to Create a Lunch Drawer

Ever tried a lunch drawer? If so, what do you keep in it? Share.


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  1. Mom

    Starting to read your blog again. Been super busy lately. I have one question for you- Heather- where did you get your organizational skills? 🙂 Not from your Dad or Mom- although that is my desire. Proud of you- you inspire me!!!


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