The Present Perplexity {31 Days of Life. Contained.}

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creating a gift tub

One of my most beloved friends through the years has been good ol’ Sterilite. And just to be clear, I said Sterilite, not cellulite. The latter is positively a one-sided relationship, and one that I’d like to see end. Am I right?

Ok, back to containers. I use them to store everything. Seasonal decor, bedding, party supplies, shoes, children’s clothing, you name it, and I’ve got it packed in a storage tub somewhere in my attic.

Sterilite is the poor man’s version of Rubbermaid, It’s similar is size, comparable in durability, and saves me a buck or two. In the end, it gets the job done at a cheaper rate and that makes me happy. My house is full of Sterilite.

making a gift tub

Good job, Heather. Now, I’m chuckling every time I type out “Sterilite”. We all need a good laugh after a long day though, right?!  😉


Storing things in labeled containers helps me to remember where I’ve put things, to know exactly what I have and to save time searching for specific items. I hate losing things.

I especially dislike losing new things, like presents. I’d like to at least have someone use or enjoy the item before it disappears.

You see, my kids are growing like weeds, and it seems like every time I turn around, I’m rummaging through storage tubs looking for larger sizes of this and that. Hand me downs are great. Check out Baby #5 looking all sweet and cuddly in these footy pjs. She’s the fourth girl in our family to wear them, so yes,I’d say that we are definitely getting our money’s worth.

the present perplexity

On the other hand, sometimes it’s nice to have something brand-new, just for them. We all like new things from time to time. However, I still do my utmost to try to find good deals on their special things.

This does me no good if I can’t find them though.

organizing gifts

This dilemma is averted by having gift/next-size-up tubs to scrounge through when the need arises. Birthdays, Christmases or even just for that unbelievable growth spurt.

For the record, a brick on the head does nothing to stop growth spurts. That is truly an old wives fable if ever there was one. The hands of time will simply have to be stalled another way. Wow -do they grow fast. I’m having to buy some ladies shoes for Bunny. LADIES, people.

If you’re hearing incredulous screaming through the screen right now, that’s me. I’m just struggling to wrap my brain around it.

To keep track of all of these gifts/needs for my growing children, I like to keep a gift tub to store all of my purchases.  I “shop” out the tubs first for any gifts and/or needs, then I go to the store.

The organizational process is very easy. Buy a storage bin, fill it full of thrifty goodies and label the container. This box is for my three youngest. I keep it stored on the top shelf of their bedroom closet. Easy-peasy.

storing children's clothes

I love saving money by buying ahead and stocking little gifts for my family.  I love being able to promptly find what I need by organizing my gifts in labeled containers. And last but not least, I love Sterilite, not cellulite.

The end. 😉


tip 6

Are you like me, and you find yourself constantly misplacing gifts or items in closets or attics? Use labeled, plastic bins to make gift-giving easy. Neat and basic organization can put joy back into blessing others.

Do you buy gifts ahead? Own a gift tub or box? Let’s not mention cellulite anymore, ok?

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