The Polish Predicament {31 Days of Life. Contained}

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Today we are stepping out of the kitchen for a change, but mainly because it’s a mess with a painting project.

Yes, I’m random like that.

Since paint was the reason we left the kitchen area, I thought that I’d show you my caddy for another type of paint.

the polish predicament

Nail polish.

Most of us ladies enjoy a bit of brightness on our nails from time to time. As a busy mom, I must confess that I don’t wear it on my fingernails that often. I struggle to just find the time to keep them trimmed and filed, let alone freshly painted. Chipped nail polish is not my thing.

I do, however, try to keep my toenails painted and if the paint begins to chip there, I simply wear closed shoes, socks or pretend not to notice.

FYI: I have socks on today. You can guess why. 😉

My girls love pretty polish as well. Over the years, they’ve loved it a little too much.

nail polish storage

There was the time that Bunny painted her stuffed animals- that was really fun.

There was also the time that Fuzz painted her hands and her feet, but why stop there? Why not paint your arms and legs while you are at it? And she did. (In my defense here, I was busy packing for us to move.)

Here’s proof from the summer of 2008.

Fuzz with polish

Or there was the time that Zip painted streaks in our walk-in closet.

Not to be outdone, Pop also experimented with this glorious product by dumping an entire bottle of clear polish on our living room carpet. Thankfully, we have since put down hardwood flooring.

organizing nail polish

It’s safe to say that I had had enough mishaps with nail polish and needed a safety zone for every single one of them. Kid-proof.

Target had a nice stainless steel mesh caddy for under ten dollars that I thought was perfect. It was a little nicer looking than plastic and very sturdy. I also didn’t want it to be huge so that my polish collection would remain on the small side. Less is best.

I store everything related to hand and foot health/care in this container. Nail clippers, nail files. cuticle sticks, foot cream and pumice stones to name a few. Cotton balls and nail polish remover are also available when needed. Lastly, as you can see. I keep a small assortment of nail polish choices. I have a few colors that I really love and don’t venture out beyond them that often.

create a nail caddy

I am happy, thrilled actually, to report that over the past six months since implementing this system we have not had a single painting incident.

Success is a such beautiful thing.


 Gather all of your hand and foot care items in one spot. You will never lose your nail clippers again if you have a designated home for them. Containers can be tremendously helpful for small items that are easily lost. I was constantly buying another pair, only to find all fifty-three that owned when I deep cleaned the bathroom cabinet as well as the couch in the living room. Go figure. They can drift everywhere sometimes.

tip 8

I hope that these posts are inspiring you to make your life easier and creating zones in your home. This is what it’s all about –putting every day living back in its place.

Thanks for reading, now go save your walls, kids and/or carpet.


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    1. heather Post author

      Shut the front door!!! Are you serious??? Who would have thought that Windex would have been the winner?! I, for one, never would have reached for it. I’ll have to keep that in mind. Thanks for the tip.


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