The Plastic Problem {31 Days of Life. Contained.}

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I really have no words.

the plastic problem

This was such an easy fix and one that I put off for years. Literally.

And I’m ashamed to say that even once I bit the bullet and bought this system, I probably had it close to a year before I mounted it to the wall.


I felt like the wall had to be freshly painted first. Silly, isn’t it? I mean, here I was dealing with a pile of loose bags constantly slipping off of my dryer when I could have had a neatly organized dryer top -in spite of the worn wall paint.

I picked up my bag dispenser at The Container Store, however I know that Walmart (and maybe Target?) carries very similar ones for the same price. Finding one should be simple if you are interested.

plastic bag storage

If I had to sum up today’s post in one sentence, it would be this. Your home doesn’t have to be perfectly decorated and beautiful to be organized.

Just do it.


Have you ever put off something you needed to do all because of something you wanted to do? Function over beauty truly is key.  Don’t procrastinate. Organize a project from start to finish today. Like me, you’ll be glad that you did.tip 13

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2 thoughts on “The Plastic Problem {31 Days of Life. Contained.}

    1. heather Post author

      Hmmmm….$2.00? Tempting, but I don’t have IKEA nearby. Sad, but true. I hope to get there one day -I’ve heard so many good things about it.


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