The Necktie Nuisance {31 Days of Life. Contained.}

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One of my favorite organizational zones has been my husband’s tie rack. Over the years, we have tried everything -hangers, special tie hangers, tie racks that we mounted on the wall, etc.

the necktie nuisance

Most of our issues with these different methods was that they provided inadequate storage and/or they simply didn’t work. We ended up with my husband’s ties slipping off on to the floor due to the fabric material as well as the fact that we were often doubling (and sometimes tripling!) the amount of ties on one hook. Fifteen hooks just wasn’t cutting it for my pastor-hubby.

We needed something flat against the wall, simple and capable of holding several dozen ties.

closet organization

A curtain rod was the perfect solution to our problem. It was easy to install and cheap. This one was only ten bucks from Lowes.

Hanging ties is now a snap. And fun. I sometimes even go in there and organize the ties by color. Clearly on those days, I have too much time. Or I’m avoiding another task.

organizing closet storageWe were hanging my scarf collection and our belts with his ties, but my seven scarves were beginning to encroach on his bazillion neckties and had to go elsewhere. The belts were allowed to stay.

Not that I’m bitter. My scarves are living quite happily in a drawer….with smidgen of room for growth.


tip 18

How do you organize neckties? Or belts and scarves? This example of storage would even work with shower hooks to hang handbags. A rod can be an excellent method for open, accessible storage. We’ve been using a curtain rod for several years now and still love it.

And if you need a laugh, you can look back at a post introducing this technique from my early blog days.

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    1. heather Post author

      Facebook was the culprit. It showed that I had posted it twice, so I deleted one so as not to annoy my facebook fans with duplicate posts. The next day the other one disappeared….go figure.
      Anyhoo, yes, the back of the door is what my brothers did for their ties growing up. And two works just fine. 😉


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