The Music Mayhem {31 Days of Life. Contained.}

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the music mayhem

I had another problem in my living room. And I must admit, that like yesterday’s post, the root of this issue was also rather sweet to this mother’s heart.

It had to do with music.

music holder

My kiddos are knee-deep into lessons, piano, flute, violin and just a smidgen of recorder to be exact. They can also be found strumming on a guitar or maybe kicked back with a pocket harmonica. As the children of a music pastor, Hubs and I, obviously, could not be more thrilled with their interest in and love of music.

Awww…Mama’s got little budding musicians.

Music lessons does ,however, come with a price tag. Papers, books and bags are scattered everywhere.

And it’s been an ongoing problem.


For several months, I was having each child store her books and papers in a special tote bag that was hung on the wall. My thought process was this -it would always be packed and ready to go. Right?


It worked, but it didn’t. The girls would take the bag down, pull out their books, practice and then leave everything out.


At the very best, their lessons would be hastily crammed back in the bag and dropped on the floor by the piano. The hook was literally right above their pile.  Why?? Yes, I lost a few hairs over this repeated offense.

I was constantly reminding them to repack their bags and hang them back on the wall, and I hated sounding like a nag. However, I wasn’t about to give in and continued gently reminding them to put their things away. I wanted to instill good habits and character in the hearts of my children.

music books

Then a new dilemma arose. The command hooks would no longer stay on the wall. I tried several new tape strips on the hooks. Utter fail. They just would not stay on the wall. I’m not sure what happened. It was like the hooks could no longer adhere to the paint on my living room wall like before. Really, really odd.

Clearly this method of organizing was no longer working for us. So I began looking for other options. On the other side of the room sat a vintage magazine rack. Why not? I rarely sit and look through the magazines after that first browsing.

I quickly made the switch, organized their books in the holder and stepped back.

music organization

Light bulb.

It was free, convenient and vintage. It was easy for girls to reach in and grab what they needed and then effortlessly drop the books back into place when they finished. Whew.

Crisis solved.

::cue the music::

Now I can just sit back and listen. 🙂



What about you? Do you have papers in your living room? Magazine hoarder? Book lover? Newspaper reader?

If it constantly in shambles in spite of your best attempts to corral and control the papers or books, then reevaluate your storage solution.

I’m just not accustomed to this particular organizing system yet.”  True.

On the other hand, it could be that the container is simply not the best for your situation. Don’t be afraid to change what is clearly not working.  Try something new.

music mayhem tip

So what method do you use to keep paper items contained in your living area?  Is it working for you and the needs of your family? Think about it.


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