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organizing coffee and tea

Most mornings, and sometimes evenings, I look forward to settling back with a warm beverage of some sort. decaf coffee, herbal tea or perhaps even a mug of my homemade hot chocolate.

Wrapping my fingers around a steaming cup on a cool, fall morning is a moment that I look forward to every day. I find it very soothing and relaxing after the morning rush of getting the older children out the door for school.

coffee and tea organizing

However, slicing out a moment of time -even just occasionally- for this indulgence can be tricky. I still have two small children underfoot and the ability to grab a cup needs to be a seamless process.

I created a hot beverage cabinet in my kitchen. It makes my morning ritual simple to do,-even with a child wrapped around each leg.

organizing a beverage cabinet

The bottom shelf houses all of my tea cups and coffee mugs as well as a small basket for tools. This is filled with travel tea bag tins (they were free inside of select Celestial Seasoning boxes), special sugar spoons, a mesh tea ball for loose tea leaves and a honey dipper.

creating a coffee zone

My coffee and tea selections are stored on the middle shelf along with my sweeteners. You can catch a small glimpse of my sugar stored in a tall glass container in the back.(I buy my sugar in bulk, a huge 8 lb bag of organic cane sugar from Costco.) In front of the sugar, I have a jar of local honey. Yum. Did you know that local honey is supposed to help with seasonal allergy issues?

making a coffee shelf

I keep my beverage thermoses and Life factory water bottles on the top shelf. Empty Starbucks coffee bags are stored here, ready to be traded for a free cup of coffee on date night. This shelf is also where my coffee pitcher and coffee filters are kept.

organizing tea and coffee

I love the simplicity of having organized zones for daily tasks. And coffee is certainly one of them.

It’s the best part of waking up.  😉


tip 7

While I have my hot beverage zone stored inside a cabinet, you may find that this way of organizing your coffee and teas is not compatible in your kitchen. Think outside of the box -a basket or even a simple tray on your counter could be used for storing hot beverages. Find the method that works the best for you.

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