The Illness Irritation {31 Days of Life. Contained.}

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the illness irritation

So someone’s feeling green, eh?

When you are sick or someone you love is sick, the last thing that you want to be doing is scrounging through cabinets looking for relief or for the thermometer.

Ever been there?

Those thermometers can sometimes be nasty little buggers to find.

How did I solve this??

 I created a “sick” caddy quite sometime ago -over a year, I think- after seeing this post.

How to Make a Sick Caddy

The idea of having everything that I needed in one handy spot, and a portable zone to boot, was really appealing to me. It has made “bedside calls” so much more convenient whenever I happen to don my Nurse Mommy cap.

green caddy

Shortly after deciding that I wanted to create this organizer, I snagged up this caddy for fifty cents at a yard sale. It sure beat paying $5-$10 at the store. I absolutely love finding deals for specific items that I’m looking for. And the color was perfect for the need, if you get my drift.  😉

medicine organizer

Hubs and I try to be careful with what medicine we take and administer to our children. So as you stock your container, think about your medications and whether or not there are safer alternatives. Again, the shade of my caddy reflected my medicinal preferences perfectly, a “green” girl. Love that.

(FYI: This caddy is for occasional, common viruses. I’m certainly not advocating that you ditch prescription medications for chronic issues. I am not a doctor nor am I professing to possess great knowledge in the medical field. However, more natural options for daily ailments is something to possibly research and definitely discuss with your doctor.)

Natural lozenges are ready to sooth sore throats and homeopathic cough/cold syrups are ready to aid in rest and relief from a troublesome, lingering cold. We don’t use fever reducers that often as a fever is a natural and God-given method for fighting illnesses. Our bodies truly are an amazing testament to the greatness of our God.

cough medicines

I also included a little notebook and pen to keep track of medicine times and any other pertinent information that may be necessary to relay to medical professionals later.  My mom brain has the tendency to get a bit fuzzy at inopportune times, possibly due to lack of sleep. Yes, let’s blame it on fatigue.

Pocket tissues are available to slip into purses, diaper bags, computer bags and/or school book bags.

The thermometer is handy for keeping an eye on rising temperatures.

Rubbing alcohol is also available for disinfecting items.

sick caddy 101

Last of all, I have stickers. Stickers bring smiles. And smiles -well, they help relieve a mother’s heart.

Then we both feel better.


So how about you? Do you have a basket or box stocked with necessities to fight the coming cold/flu season? Even if you don’t have children, a sick caddy is great tool to have ready. Create a portable zone dedicated to restoring a healthier home, a healthier you.

tip 3

 If you don’t have a sick caddy, but would like to start one, here’s a quick list of things that you may want to include in it. So go ahead, make one -there’s still time before the cold/flu season hits us hard. You’ll thank me for it.

sick caddy shopping list

What else would you put in a sick caddy? Please share. I’d really love to hear.

How to Make a Sick Caddy

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5 thoughts on “The Illness Irritation {31 Days of Life. Contained.}

  1. Candace

    I always use a little lavender oil…. If nothing else, it calms them down and helps them go back to sleep… Me too! 😉

    1. heather Post author

      My favorite part is that it’s portable. Ha! That may make me lazy, but when I’m sick, I just want to crash and not get up again. Having everything contained and at my fingertips is a must.

    1. heather Post author

      Thank you, Kristen. With five kiddos, this organizational tool has certainly become invaluable.
      I appreciate your comments. Have a blessed day. 🙂


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