The Hair Bow Hole {31 Days of Life. Contained.}

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Hair bows. Hair bands. Head bands. They are everywhere.

the hair bow hole

With four girls and a mama under one roof, I guess that this is bound to be an issue.

You know those adorable hair bow organizers made from ribbon or chicken wire and a picture frame that you see on Pinterest? Don’t you love those? Me too.

kid-friendly hair bow storage

Only I don’t have one.

My organizational system is in their bathroom closet—behind closed doors. I like to call it the grab-n-go method. The drop-n-run method. Selecting and storing hair bows has to be quick and simple.

hair bow storage

I’m using some of my favorite baskets from Target and a tall glass jar that I had. Using what you have certainly works well.

The girls know exactly how to tidy up and store their hair things. Notice I said know, not that they do.

creating a zone for hair bows

We’re working on that.


Do you lose hair bands constantly? Have a solution to plug the hair bow hole? If not, any container or drawer will do. And perhaps—if you are like me—one day you may make a fancy decorative one. Complete with chicken wire. Who knows? I may make one myself yet. For now though, simple may be best.

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