The Drawer Disorder {31 Days of Life. Contained.}

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Recently I got weary of looking at my utensil drawer in my kitchen. It was in a constant state of disarray, a jumbled mess of tools. Sadly, I realized one day that I only used about half of the items rolling around in that drawer.

the drawer disorder

That did it.

I grabbed that drawer and emptied its contents on my counter and sorted through them. And I mean, really sorted. If I didn’t use it on a regular basis, it did not stay. I was firm, but not wasteful. Any of the items that were being discarded were taken upstairs to my 2015 yard sale pile. (It’s a mammoth pile -a result of my ruthless organizing and simplifying of our home. I’ll probably need a moving truck to haul it to my yard sale site come May. ha.)

kitchen organization

The result was so worth it. I can actually see what I have.

kitchen drawer organization

For some of the smaller items, I purchased a few containers from Target. These were the ones that I ended up choosing for this project. I love their warm tone. They are made of bamboo, a natural resource. I love this.

kitchen drawer storage

Here’s a few of my favorites.

I could marry this peeler. I used a paring knife during the early years of my marriage -and cut my fingers a couple dozen times as well. Now I can peel potatoes without a first aid kit nearby.

This ice cream scoop has made my life easier. We love ice cream, like LOVE it, love it. However, we have gone through at least a dozen ice cream scoops during a our marriage. We clearly needed a stainless steel one -plastic and metal alloy was not working for our family. I picked this one up on clearance and it was life-changing. No more broken, flying handles.

This pastry blender is still at the top of my list. It makes throwing together a homemade pie crust a breeze. I owe my husband a blueberry pie today. I guess that I better get on that during nap time. 😉

organizing kitchen drawers

I’d like to tell you about a few other things, but I guess that this is what happens when you de-clutter. (I’ll share another day -promise.)

The only items that remain are favorites.


tip 20

Do you have a drawer or two in your kitchen that could use a little love? Need to weed out some things? This is your challenge for today. Give away or sell what you no longer love or need. Simplify a zone by only keeping the things you love. It will make life and maintaining a tidy environment so much easier.



One thought on “The Drawer Disorder {31 Days of Life. Contained.}

  1. Christina @ The Frugal Homemaker

    I probably need to do this again. Always find a few not-being-used-often items to get rid of. And another thing I have been challenged about is having too many of something – like do I need 5 spatulas? Would I have all 5 dirty at one time? (Although I have before when I used to do more cakes.) Or could I do with 2-3? Need to pare down some things too.

    I see my favorite apple slicer! 🙂 I have that same pastry blender. But I find I end up using my food processor for cutting in butter for biscuits, doughs, pie crusts – so much easier 😉


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