The Clothing Concern {31 Days of Life. Concerned.}

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the clothing concernMy girls share a room and they are not always thrilled about it. It can get a bit overwhelming when life gets busy, and by overwhelming, I mean messy.

I do my utmost to help them keep their room clean. Several months ago, I invested in lined baskets for their closet shelving. I would watch for the baskets to go on sale and then purchase one or two -whatever would fit into my budget. Then I would wait for another sale to come around.

Patience is key.

organizing kids closetsHowever, especially for Fuzz (my eight year old), it’s still not easy for the girls to see inside of the baskets and I was going to add some tags to label them. Really I was. I just kept putting it off.

Then I found these stainless steel, chalkboard basket labels at Target on clearance. Happy dance.

Procrastination can sometimes pay off -only sometimes.

organizing children's clothing

I labeled each of the tags with my beloved Dollar Spot chalk marker from Target. I love that thing. I may have grabbed another marker last Tuesday…the last one at that particular Target store. (I figured that I had better stock up while they have them.)

The five baskets are for underthings (one for Bunny and one for Fuzz), pajamas (again one for each of them) and socks/tights (for them to share).

children's clothing storageNow to get the girls into the habit of returning items to the baskets.

Just solving one problem at a time….. 😉


What about you? Do you store some clothing items in baskets? I love that everything can be dropped in the basket for quick storage – no stacking and yes, even no folding required. Use container labels to help your daily routines run more smoothly. No more hunting.tip 19

For socks…or anything else.

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