The Battery Bind {31 Days of Life. Contained}

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the battery bindI feel like I need to keep confessing my propensity for lost objects.

Over the years, keeping tabs on certain objects has, without a doubt, been an issue. Car keys, library books, stamps and today’s topic, batteries.

I hate not being able to find them.

Typically when you are looking for them, it’s because something is not working, right? Did you know that the world seemingly stops turning if Baby’s swing stops running? And the remote controls to toy cars, electronics and appliances? Well, manual operation just seems to overwhelming and taxing.

battery storage

I will happily confess right here and now that, when we had battery operated toys, there were a few that I refused to recharge. Of this I am certain, there are specific toys available for purchase that were definitely invented by children. No parent would ever create, much less manufacture some of these toys. They do nothing but annoy, cost a mini fortune to operate and randomly turn on in the night.

Yes, I’m the scrooge of all the cool toys. We now own mainly all wooden toys –which I love. My children are forced to create their own sound effects and motions. At this, they are pros. I promise.

However, I do still need the batteries for other things and they cost too much to misplace constantly.

organizing first aid

I bought several stackable containers from Target for this project. The smaller boxes comes in a set of three while the larger set comes in a set of two. You can add or subtract how many levels you want in your stack depending on your need.

creating a zone for batteries and household stuff

One set is primarily for storing household items. I stored my battery collection in the layer with the divider. It was perfect to neatly organize the different sizes. The next compartment is for various replacement pieces -vacuum cleaner belt, command hooks/tape refills, magic slider felt pads for furniture, etc. These boxes have been life-savers.

household organization

I loved it so much that I bought two more, one more small set and one large set.

The other small set is my first aid box. It holds all of my bandaids, gauze, tape and ointments. However, the larger box set is a mix of household and personal care items. Light bulbs and sunscreen are safely housed in the different departments.

organizing batteries and such

Seriously, people. These boxes (or something similar) are game changers. No house should be without them.

create a zone for batteries

Have I convinced you yet? These containers are your friend. So are wooden toys.


tip 12

I cannot even begin to express how finally buying simple organizers has relieved my stress level. Completing tasks should not be difficult -know exactly where to find your things. Take the guesswork out of living. Make our days easier in two simple steps -create zones and containerize life.


Thanks for reading.

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