Taking Stock


take stock

Over the summer, I read this simple, yet personal post from a blog that I follow. Call me nosy, but I guess that I just enjoy taking a peek into the lives of my “screen” friends. It makes them seem more real, more like “the girl next door.”

Some of my readers know me and others do not. So here’s your glimpse into my life and thoughts.¬†Free of charge. ūüėČ


Making : Hero capes from old tshirts
Cooking : Steaks (Total brownie points, I know)
Drinking : Coffee…always! (Funny coming from the girl who did NOT need a coffee maker on her wedding registry)
Reading: Passionate Parenting
Wanting: Time to stand still
Looking: My new Pottery Barn magazine 
Playing: Peek-a-boo with Baby #5 (Will reveal her screen name soon)
Wasting: Time on Pinterest (It’s the black hole in my life)
Sewing: Pajama pants 
Wishing: For snow (Southerners, don’t hate me…I just want a decent snowfall for my kids to enjoy)
Enjoying: Life itself
Waiting: For someone to put things away…just anyone. (Long wait ahead)
Liking: Apple chips
Loving: On my hot hubby 
Hoping: For dishes to wash themselves
Marvelling: At how messy my house gets
Needing: Boxes 
Smelling: Dirty diapers (Just being honest here)
Wearing: Mom attire (Otherwise known as pjs)
Noticing: Cobwebs on my vaulted ceiling
Thinking: I should really paint my toenails
Feeling: Tired
Opening: Fedex packages (Squeal!)

* The original idea for this post can be found here.

That’s just a quick peek into my hectic life and random thoughts. Hope that it caused you to sit back and reflect on your day, on this very brief moment in your life. Take stock of who and where you are. It will make you dream, smile, laugh, change and feel blessed to simply live another day.

And sure, go ahead. Call me nosy.

Thanks for reading,

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