S5, E1: Baby Five {The Birth Story of Baby #5}

Presenting the birth story of baby #5. Not a very impressive introduction for a little one’s entrance to the world, huh? Well, the story line will pick up very soon, I assure you, so I’m just gonna ease you into the drama of my motherhood.

Also let me admit that, yes, this story is way, WAY past due. Let’s just blame it on the dazed new mama moment…..that, ahem, lasted¬†nearly a year. So let’s pretend it’s 2013 -just for the moment. (Good, now I’m 31 again.)

In honor of her being born on a Wednesday, I will be sharing her birth story series every Wednesday over the next few weeks. So stay tuned. You seriously don’t want to miss a single episode. ūüėČ

Whew. Now that I’m all ‘fessed up, grab a cup of coffee or two and settle in for a baby story. (I just love those, don’t you?) A bag of popcorn wouldn’t be a bad idea either. ūüėČ

Season 5, Episode 1: (Pilot) Baby FiveThe History Behind It All…

baby five

Whenever I find out that I’m pregnant, my propensity to worry escalates right along with my hormones. (Hubs can vouch for this, I promise) “Is the baby ok?”¬† “Will I pass the glucose test?” “I hope that my blood pressure stays normal through the end.”¬†“Will the baby be born on Halloween?”¬†“I wonder what¬†my labor be like this time around.” Don’t get me wrong. All of these are probably very normal concerns for expectant mothers. However I will not deny that the last “worry” that I mentioned is by far my biggest cause for uneasiness as I near the end of my term.

My sweet, little October baby was no different.

Several things were altered this time around. My heart had known the hurt of loss only the year before. Having been through a miscarriage made me realize how overwhelmingly precious it was to conceive and safely carry a new little one. I will not deny that¬†I¬†breathed a huge sigh of relief once I heard the baby’s¬†steady heartbeat for the first time at 11 weeks. My midwife for that visit, who happened to also be the founder of the birthing center, quietly rejoiced with me as we both listened for several moments to that simple sign of life. Miraculous.

As I just indicated, we also opted to see a midwife at a birthing center with this last pregnancy. I was, at times, a teensy bit apprehensive¬†about not giving birth¬†in a conventional setting. However, my midwives¬†and nurses were the sweetest women ever and I absolutely loved seeing them for my¬†prenatal care. ¬†They always made me feel like they had all the time in the world to talk with me. And I can talk -a lot. Hubs sometimes thinks that I ask too many questions, most of them hypothetical. I can’t help it. I just want to know things. Preparing myself mentally is half the battle towards holding my fears at bay.

Now to lay the groundwork for the arrival of our fifth child, let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane -my past deliveries in¬†chronological order. (Believe me,¬†The History Behind It All is essential in my delivery drama series.)

1) Year 2004: Baby Bunny was a quick labor considering that she was my first. I had no clue what I was in for, and I was trapped in a bed due to monitoring preeclampsia. She was born about six hours after getting my labor started consistently. Her rapid descent shocked us all and the resident doctor nearly had to deliver her since my doctor was not extremely close at hand. It was a sign, the handwriting on the wall, if you will, that my babies would have no sense of timing whatsoever. Hindsight truly is 20/20.

2) Year 2006: Baby Fuzz was born just 20 minutes after settling me in the labor and delivery room. My nurse was so disappointed. She was planning on caring for me throughout the night, but daughter #2 had other other plans and popped right out after my water broke on its own. Again my doctor was not nearby and the resident doctor rushed into my room to deliver our little one. The funny thing was she asked us later if we had been there about a year and a half before. Yes, she was the same resident doctor that had come very close to being the one to catch Bunny.  {Blush} Yes, that was me.

3)¬†Year 2009:¬†Then Baby Zip came along (see her full birth story here). By this time though, we had caught on to the pattern developing. When it came time for daughter #3 to be born, we were ready… or so we thought. Long story short, I went into rapid¬†labor while desperately attempting to convince my new¬†OBGYN that I was¬†having the baby¬†and making an equally frantic¬†attempt to find our baby sitter- both to no avail. We had to rush to my doctor’s office with two little kids in tow. Baby Zip kindly allowed me enough time to enter the building before my water broke. Needless to say, my arrival had the doctors and nurses scurrying around to do an emergency birth on one of their exam tables-less than ideal.¬†Five years later and I am still laughing. I guess I showed them.

Never doubt the woman in labor.

4)¬†Year 2011: ¬†Baby Pop, well, he was the horse of the different color (click here for his full birth story).¬† Not only was¬†our fourth child a boy, but he did everything in reverse.¬†Unlike¬†the girls, my water broke first with my little boy blue. You can imagine my utter shock when I felt a little pop while lying on the couch at 11 pm. I never¬†had had my water break¬†with zero contractions. I immediately went into full-blown panic mode. I mean, all that I could think was, “What in the world?!”¬† “I’m not ready.”¬†¬† I was ready, but I wasn’t. You know what I mean. I needed the “contraction phase” to mentally give myself the pep talk. “You can do this.” “You’ve done this three other times.” “Women do this all the time.”¬† “This is nothing.”

Nothing? Yes. I sometimes lie to myself.

We jerked our three little girls out of bed, drove willy-nilly to our babysitter’s house (at least middle-of-the-night labors confirms they’ll be home) and sped to the hospital. And I do mean speed. I tried not to look at the speedometer.¬†To be truthful, I¬†was distracted. I was trying desperately to keep it together and not hyper-ventilate in the middle row of our Ford windstar. (I had moved back there “just in case” I needed space and also because¬†it put me in within easy reach of our emergency birth kit that we’d made for our car. After delivering¬† Zip at the doctor’s office, we weren’t taking any chances.) In prior pregnancies, water breaking signaled an imminent delivery ranging from 5-15 minutes. We were racing against the clock…or so we thought.

The little stinker made me labor, actually labor,¬†at the hospital. I had to walk the halls, people. It was not pleasant. However, he¬†finally made his appearance nearly five hours later. The duration¬†of my labor was on par¬†with the others: 4-5 hours, but everything else was different. My water broke at the beginning instead of at the end, I labored through the night, he tried to come “sunny-side” up, my nurse ignored me pretty much, and I experienced mild hemorrhaging a couple hours after his birth. Yes, my little dude wanted to stand out from the girls for sure.

I took my little man home and began adjusting to life with four munchkins, tidbits of blue in my laundry and the occasional sprinkling during diaper changes. Life was good. I unpacked our bags from the van and there it was, lurking in the middle row, mocking me. Untouched.

My emergency birth kit.

I may have smirked –just a bit– as I disassembled it for storage.

Fast forward two years…exactly. It was the morning of February 22, 2013.

…to be continued…


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