The Walk-in Dilemma {S.O.S.}

**Sorry for the delay in this series. Every weekend it was something new, but that’s life, right? So I decided to roll with it- in spite of an ear infection, sore throat, antibiotics, and a trip to Urgent Care. And yes, that would be me. I missed the memo this year on mommies not getting sick. -ha! **

I grew up in a double wide located on a ten-acre, wooded, West Virginian hillside. My parents, two sisters, two brothers, and I were as snug as a bug in rug. Life was at times crowded, that’s for sure, but we were happy.

The bedroom that I shared with my sisters was small. If I had to guess, I would say that it was 8 x 10. We had room for a bunkbed. a twin bed, a four drawer dresser, and nothing more. Some of you may be thinking, wow, where did you put everything?  Well, we shared as much clothing as three differing sisters could. Not an easy task with the three of us reaching the varying heights of 5’3″, 5’7″, and 6’0″. We learned to store things,…everywhere. No space was wasted. Under the beds as well as our closet was packed. I did not realize it at the time, but it was preparing me for my future.

When I got married, Hubs and I lived in a cozy, little one bedroom apartment that was simply perfect for newlyweds. In true Goldilocks fashion, it was just right. Not too big and not too small.

Then we bought our first home and let me tell you, we just about rattled around inside its 2200 square footage. It also had a full attic and basement-although neither was finished living space, but together they yielded an additional 1700 square feet of storage. Add another enclosed side porch that was about 6 x 12 and yes, we had tons of room to spread out. It was almost too big for us, but we brought home two pink bundles over the next several years and we were starting to fill it up all of the bedrooms. It was lovingly dubbed our Mansion on White Street. To some standards, it was a far cry from mansion requirementsbut to me, it felt enormous and elegant with it’s 10 foot ceilings in every blessed room. *sigh* It was an old farmhouse in need of much TLC with a ton of potential, loads of character and a place to call home for five years.

We bought our second home when we moved south due to my husband’s job. We traded our old mansion from the north for a new cottage in the south. We’ve added two more bundles over the past four years, one pink and one blue, filling our 1500 square foot dwelling rather {ahem} nicely.We have stuff everywhere. I try to tell myself that we are just blessed, and while we are, it’s become more than mere blessings. Sometimes we’re simply hoarders. Pack rats, if you will.

During one’s years of marriage or lifetime, you collect things, often at an alarming rate. Unbeknownst to us, we sometimes fail to notice the paraphernalia of the years. Then one day it hits you, perhaps literally. You are no longer the master of your home, your belongings now possess you. They require time and effort to have them.

We have too much stuff and our closet confirms it.  Yes, today’s S.O.S. project for the weekend is dealing with closet organization. The following picture is kind. Our closet has looked much, much worse.

walk-in closet

You see, our first home was old and lacked closet space. {I still loved it.} That was to be expected from a home built in 1860. Very old home, I tell you. Our new home had a number of spacious closets though. When I first browsed through it’s floor plan, I was thrilled to find a big closet in the master suite. Not just a big closet, but a walk-in one.

A walk-in closet, people.

Don’t pinch me, please.

During my lifetime of Goldilock homes, walk-in closets were an elusive luxury. I found it hard to believe that I would now have one of my very own. {squeal} Ok, maybe not all my own, but mine none the less. I can share.

Can I just say this for the record? Walk-in closets can create new dilemmas. You can fit a ton more in there than in an average closet. Not always a good thing. Organization and clutter control can go down hill in a hurry. In reality, it’s really another room to maintain.

Yikes. That pinch finally happened-four years later. My lifelong walk-in daydream has finally ended and the harsh reality has set in. Here’s what I’m left with: Walk-in closets are a lot of work, especially when you’ve gathered a bunch of things from your different homes.

So as of today, I’m declaring war on closets, specifically those of the walk-in nature.

I’m taking back possession.

Over nearly a decade of marriage, I’ve now seen it all- too small, too big and just right. Did the just right feeling stem from the newly acquired marital bliss? Perhaps. More than likely it was due to the fact that we were as poor as church mice when we got married and owned very little. Was the Mansion on White Street really too big or was it just perfect for new and growing family? Maybe it was both. Huge homes can certainly have their pros and cons.{Today, I will admit, I am missing the space for my wild youngsters to play.} Is our current cottage truly too small or have we simply accumulated too much clutter? Again, I could say yes to both reasons.

Homes are what you make of them and the same could be said of closets. Regardless of size, I’m aiming for that just right feeling again. Care to join me?

S. O. S.  {Saturday Organization Series}

Let the War on Closets begin. (Week #1 of organizing)

Here’s the plan of attack:

  • Clean light fixture
  • Dust for cobwebs {yes, we all have them}
  • Wipe down walls
  • Sort items into keep, donate, sell, discard piles
  • Dust/clean closet shelving
  • Organize into sections, baskets, etc.
  • Beautify it in some way to inspire you to keep it clean {that’s my hope anyways}

I’ve done all but the last two and it already has improved. I mean, like we can actually walk in again. A novel idea. I will have to finish mine this weekend and share the improvements with you next week. =)

Hope that your weekend is wonderful.

Thanks for reading,






{A. K. A. Goldilocks}

3 thoughts on “The Walk-in Dilemma {S.O.S.}

  1. Sage Grayson

    I love having walk-in closets. A few years ago, we lived in the tiniest apartment in the world. There was only one closet–the small linen closet in the bathroom! I’m so thankful for the extra space we have now.

    1. heather Post author

      I love them too. The only difficulty is with me. I guess that sometimes I have the tendency {read most days} to lay the clean clothes across the hamper to be hung later. The trouble is that later turns out to be another entire day instead of simply an hour or two. (And even that’s a generous admittance on my part, Sage.)


      Never put off what can {and should} be done today- that’s my new motto. =)

  2. Mom

    Anxious to see your closet next week- you are very inspiring Heather. I am VERY glad that you went to urgent care- you don’t want to have to deal with that sort of thing for very long. Hope you are feeling much better now.


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