The Top Drawer Job {S.O.S.}

Today is a very special day. I am officially the mother of a two year old. Again.

Perhaps I should be scared- the whole terrible two thing, ya know? But I’m not sweating yet. Day one and we’re doing well. =)

We also had two little boys that spent the night and day with us. Let me tell you, their presence was birthday present enough for Pop. He nearly went berserk when he saw them come in last night. He’s been all rough and tough, grunts and low manly voice all day long. He makes me laugh.

Call me crazy, but we did school today while having company. And I thought that homeschooling was somewhat challenging with just my four. Two more kiddos really rounded out my teacher’s hat well. After lunch, I had another “wild hair” moment and took the six munchkins to our local library. Nine, eight, six, five, three and the new “two” went skipping into the building ahead of me. They actually did remarkably well in this quiet zone. I was relieved.

We are now settling in for the night with just our family. The house is quiet once again. It’s nice.

S. O. S.  {Saturday Organization Series}

I thought that I’d take a minute to share with you the organizational project that I squeezed in this morning. Lest you think that I’m super woman, it was extremely easy. I had planned this little job knowing that I’d be busy with childcare and would need something simple.

It was definitely a needed task.

bathroom drawer organization


See the goo? A spray bottle of commercial hairspray leaked out and I cannot get it to come up. I need to try hot water. Vinegar is not cutting it. My homemade hairspray would have cleaned up fabulously-love that simple, natural stuff.

While I was out shopping this week, I grabbed a roll of drawer liner at Target. I loved the swirl pattern of this design.

bathroom drawer organization

It was quick to just snip and insert.  This is a non-adhesive liner which made it a cinch to apply and will not leave any possible sticky residue. Simply measure, cut along the lines on the back of the liner, and lay it down.


bathroom drawer organization


I had picked up these baskets to keep our toothbrushes, floss, and toothpaste clean and sanitary. They were three for $1.00. This is our top drawer in our bathroom. We chose this for our own ease and also to keep little hands out of our oral care stuff. Unfortunately, our kiddos are tall like us and can easily reach in and pilfer through our things. Yes, sometimes brushing my teeth everyday is a step of faith. I close my eyes (and my mind to possible childish naughtiness) and fervently hope for the best. Bet that you didn’t know that personal hygiene could be so risky?! -ha!

bathroom drawer organization



bathroom drawer organization


I’m finishing up the rest of the drawers and will be moving onto under the cabinet storage next week. I’m excited. Over the past winter, I’ve gotten rid of a lot of bottles and extra stuff. It has not only made my life much simpler but also made keeping the bathroom organized and tidy so much easier.

Did you get your master closet organized? Mine is pretty much finished and I’m thrilled. Walking inside is a pleasure now. I still need to take pictures. Those are coming soon.

Let’s get that bathroom looking pretty now, starting with your cabinet drawers. Pick out a liner that will make you smile and baskets that will hold clutter at bay.

Do you use drawer liners in your house? Love them or hate them? Ever brush your teeth in fear? Tell me what you think.

Have a great weekend.

4 thoughts on “The Top Drawer Job {S.O.S.}

  1. Mom

    Need to work on my bathroom cabinet drawers. May pick up some baskets and drawer liners this week myself. Very pretty pattern. Looking forward to seeing your walkin closet!

  2. Sage Grayson

    When I was in college, the dorm rooms had nasty, dark wood walls. We weren’t allowed to paint them or put up wallpaper, so we covered the walls with adhesive drawer liners. I love how easy it was.


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