When Life Gets Too Busy…

We all have days like that, don’t we?  Sometimes more than one in a row.  I still want to serve my family something nutritious as well as quick.  Sadly, Bojangles doesn’t make the cut.

Here’s my go-to, always in the pantry, quick and healthy staple.  Pacific Organic Tomato Soup.



One box serves our family of six with a just a bit leftover.  No milk or water is necessary.  I just give the box a shake and pour it in a saucepan to heat.  It is ready to eat in minutes.

Now is the perfect time/season to pick up a couple of boxes.  Harris Teeter and Target both have the tomato soup (and other soup choices) as well as Pacific’s organic beef broth and organic free range chicken broth on sale every other week.  I do not believe that Walmart carries this brand…anyone else know?



We love to eat Target’s Archer Farms organic tortilla chips.  I also try to nab these when they are on sale every few weeks and stock up.  Tortilla chips are another staple in our house.  They have become the new “Lay’s”.  😉

The organic chips come in white corn, yellow corn and blue corn and some with flax seed -which was a new taste for us.  White corn is the preferred family choice.  Yum.



We’ve also enjoyed this soup with grilled cheese and toasted tuna fish sandwiches.  Like last night.  🙂



Pacific Foods, like many other food websites, offers coupons.  I just printed several coupons from their site, one of which was $1.00/1 of any soup.  So stack that coupon with the sales that they are running in most stores and enjoy a healthy, organic choice one of these busy, cold winter evenings.

Their tomato soup is definitely rich and creamy and has a delicious taste which we all love.  You should give it a try.  If you’re like me, you just may never go back.



Hmmm,….I wonder if Campbell’s knows that I’ve left him.  🙂

So how about you?  Do you have a favorite busy night meal?  In love with Campbell’s?  Share.  I’d love to hear what gets you through busy times like the holiday season -other than the drive-thru.  We’ve got that one down.  lol!

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Thanks for reading.

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One thought on “When Life Gets Too Busy…

  1. Christina @ The Frugal Homemaker

    hmmm… it usually becomes fend for yourself night. or leftovers night. Both of which David hates. I have got to work on dinner plans. I don’t have freezer stuff or microwave meals on hand cause we don’t eat those so that greatly limts our choices. I usually throw together a quick soup – taco soup or chili or something like that for other busy nights.


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