Homemade Flower Headband

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It was so simple.  I really can’t believe that I’ve never made one before.  I mean, really, I have three little girls.  What have I been thinking?

It was just a few flowers.  I had all of the supplies, so it cost me nothing but a few minutes of my time.  I absolutely love how it turned out.

The headband is a just a basic one that had been given to the girls and the flowers are fluffy, tiny mums.  Perfect for a fall headband.

I simply cut off the stems to the base of the flowers and clustered them off center on the headband.  I adhered them with generous amounts of hot glue.

I burned my finger on the glue, but the end result was worth it.

It’s a little touch of sunshine for my little girl.  Definitely makes me happy.

I used my homemade hairspray to style her curls.  So there you have it -proof.  It really works.

It was precious to see the look on her face when I handed her the homemade headband.  She came running, all smiles, thrilled to wear Mommy’s craft.  Love that.

Do you know how tempted I’ve been to buy the adorable, HUGE flower headbands at GAPkids?  I just couldn’t bring myself to shell out $12.00 for something that may get broken or lost.  Free is so much more in my price range. 🙂

We had fun with our little photo shoot outside.  My parent’s cabin (as my Hubs likes to call it) was the perfect setting for gorgeous fall photos.  There’s nothing like a West Virginia mountainside.  And yes, that means I was crazy enough to bring all my crafts with me on our trip.

While I know that this is certainly not an earthshaking project, it’s simplicity alone is charming.  My little girl was delighted with my quick, homemade fix.  I already have another one laid out to make: gray and burnt orange.  Too cute.  (And it’s another free one using things I already had!)

So, do you make hairbows and headbands for your little girls?  Have you always done it?  I’m pathetically behind the times, aren’t I?  Share.  (You don’t really have to respond to that last question.)

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