Baby Steps

I just love the pitter-patter of little feet.

Ten tiny toes.

Adorable little shoes.

The excited wobble of a wee one learning a new skill.

Those first few baby steps are a milestone.  And such a sweet one.  They remind me of life.

We learn.  And we keep learning.  Learning can sometimes mean change.  It can mean steering us down a new path.

For some of us, change causes us to flee in the direction we’ve come, to comfort, to familiarity.

Yeah. Me too.

But you know what?  Deep down, we all desire change no matter how uncomfortable it makes us.  We want to improve, to better ourselves.

And that is the mission behind this little series of “Baby Steps“.  In our home, we desire change.  Hubs and I are committed to making some changes.  Nothing really earth shattering, mind you.  But the benefits will be long term.  The series will encompass developments in three areas of our lives.

To Simplicity

We want to simplify our lives.  To recreate the good ol’ days in the midst of a high-tech, modern society.  Some remember fondly the days of chatting over picket fences, chasing fireflies at dusk and playing checkers on the front porch while waving to the neighbors driving by.  And for others who don’t remember this lifestyle, visions like these only seem like a dream come true.  Where living was easy and slow.

Now I am realistic enough to realize that memories are not always accurate nor are tales of bygone days always as perfect as indicated.  But I still yearn for a slower pace of life.  I think that this is true of many of us.

We are beginning to take baby steps to simplify our life and home.  So that we can have time to chat over the fence.  Flit after fireflies with the children.  Play checkers on our front porch.

It will mean letting go.

To Health

Not only do we dream of a simpler lifestyle, but Hubs and I are seriously reevaluating our environment and diet.  We have given up most processed foods, the use of our microwave (ours is an exhaust unit for our stove so we can’t get rid of it) and most commercial cleaners.

So what are we doing?

We are taking baby steps to better health.  This means making most things from scratch.  Wait, you say, what about living a simpler, easier lifestyle?  More work {homemade} + simple living = oxymoron, right?  I guess to some it may seem that way.

However, some things that I’ve made from scratch have been soooo super-duper simple it was almost pathetic.  And the freedom from toxins,chemicals, preservatives, food coloring and artificial sweeteners in my cleaners and food has been a relief and actually downright liberating.

Join me as I exchange things in our home for a better, healthier way.

To Growth

Life is passing by so quickly.  I want to change.  Me.  I want to keep growing in my walk with God.  I’d like to be yards farther down this path of growth, but I’ll be happy with baby steps from where I’m currently standing…as long as I’m moving forward, to stronger faith, to better service.

I also desire to be a better wife to Hubs.  We recently went on a couples retreat with our church and it. was. refreshing.  Just us.  No kids.  We needed it.  It was inspiring.  It was a reminder to love each other.  To shift our thinking (his brain/her brain), to refine our home and marriage.  It stepped on my toes.

In turn, this urges me to seek better, more consistent mothering.  I love my children with all of my heart- and then some.  My love simply multiplies as God blesses our home with each new child.

Mothering is a beautiful thing.

And yet at times I feel like a failure.  I want, no, need to do better.  They are growing so quickly.

And last of all, I want to improve myself, learn new skills, attempt new things.  To put it in the words of Hallmark, “Life is a special occasion” and I want to experience it, to enjoy life.  Life is a gift and I don’t want to take a single day for granted.

That’s it in a nutshell.

To simplify.  To health.  To growth.

Outward.  Inward.  Forward.

Baby steps.

Happy Monday.




P.S.  FYI, our baby is on the brink of taking his first steps.  Caught him standing by himself today.  So, yes, he was the inspiration for the title of this series.  =)

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15 thoughts on “Baby Steps

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  9. heather Post author

    This will revolutionize your couponing…so be warned. It did mine. We’re even considering cancelling our newspaper subscription. We just don’t use the coupons enough to make it worthwhile.

    We can encourage each other on in our endeavors, right?

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  11. Rachel

    Looking forward to reading all that you’ll be sharing in your journey. To simplify. To Simplify. To Health. To Growth. Maybe I’ll be brave enough to join you….=) (have taken a few tiny baby steps in some areas like the processed foods, etc. but definitely could take a few more!). Thanks for sharing!

    1. heather Post author

      Yes. I’d love for you to join me- the more the merrier. Plus I need all the encouragement and support that I can get. =)

      Growing and learning is simply part of life. Thanks for stopping by, Rachel.

  12. Abbey Metcalf

    Heather, GREAT! Our family took the “plunge” into no preservatives, wholesome cleaners, and dye-free about 6 years ago. IT IS WONDERFUL! (we DO have ceratin things that we have not given up, such as store bought ice cream, that surely has some “yuk” in it..guilty pleasure!) We have seen a HUGE improvement in our children also, you would be surprised at how that stuff effects their behavior, and NOT for the better! I am in the baby step mode also spiritually speaking. I want to take HUGE leaps, but sometimes i think God just wants those babysteps so we don’t jump over something He has for us. Simplify- that’s a tougher one because of the pressure from the outside. Fortunately for us, our money made that decision and we are “forced” into the simple life. playing Frisbee after supper, family game night during the week, a trek around the lake..all great things that cost nothing but our precious time that we waste more of than anything else! Sorry to take up so much space, but this really spoke to me and made me thankful again this morning for what we do have and how we don’t NEED all the “extra” stuff that clouds the days! Blessings to you all!

    1. heather Post author

      We are excited. We’ve never used artificial sweeteners and had already cut out most things with food coloring. We also have not used most commercial cleaners for two to three years now. However, there are still some things that we’d like to change/cut out.

      In the area of growth, let me tell ya, I need it on ALL fronts. ‘Nuff said. =)

      EXACTLY. The pressure to go, go, go from our society is overwhelming. Families are practically leading separate lives with each pursuing their own hobbies. Hubs and I want to bond, draw tighter as a family.

      I’m really excited about this series. I’m counting on my readers to keep me going, inspired and committed.


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