This is a test.  This is only a test.   Beeeep.

Do they still do those tests on TV?  I believe that they were with the Emergency Broadcast system?

*sigh*  Good memories.


However, that’s not the type of testing that I’m talking about today.(make that yesterday)  It’s been SAT time here in our household.  Bunny and Fuzz held up well through it all.  I was proud of them.

Fuzz, like any five year old, looked forward with great anticipation to “testing.”  But after the first section or two, the novelty quickly wore off and it was just another obstacle in her path before play.  {rolls eyes}  The life of a kid.

And remind me, please- why was I (and every other kid on earth) so eager to grow up?

(this was a mock testing photo- I didn’t administer them…just so you know)

On the coattails of testing, the kiddos have graciously been taking turns getting sick.  How kind.

We’ve just about run out of kids.

Maybe…dare I say it -we’re in the clear?

Should I have said that out loud?  Man, I do hope that I didn’t just jinx myself.

Happy {belated} Monday.

2 thoughts on “Testing

  1. Mom

    I remember when Daniel’s testing was administered down at Airport Road Baptist and I was told that he did terribly–which surprised me. Daniel had to re-take the test…why? He had colored in the dots in a random pattern because he didn’t want to take the time necessary to “do the math”. So, instead of taking one test, he had to take the other standardized test–don’t remember which one was first.

    1. heather Post author

      That made me laugh. Yes. We’ve had several “learning” experiences with our girls in which they too had to redo a task or assignment because of rushing or simply being lazy. I guess we all have to learn this lesson at some point in life- Work Hard.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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