Disney on a Dime: A Mouse Celebration

Hello, hello.  Whew!  What a week.  We had a great, no, a terrific time at Walt Disney World.  It was a gorgeous week.  It was in the low 80s every. single. day.  Not a cloud in the sky.  *sigh*  It was kinda sad to leave, but we were ready to come home. (we were exhausted)  Lots of sweet memories with our children and TONS of pictures.

Now…for you guys, Disney on a Dime.  It’s time to share all of the details and tips that we learned along the way.  Let’s start at the very beginning…..

As the week of our vacation was nearing, we wanted a memorable way to tell the girls about our trip.  And it had to be frugal and fun.  It would be a celebration.

It all began with a little Mouse {all-day} party.  Hubs and I had told our children that we would be a having a surprise day (one week before we left).  We stayed up late decorating our eat-in kitchen and living room and making treats after we had tucked the kiddos in bed.  It was a blast.

A few days before the party, I began crafting a few things.  I made a super-duper easy banner using poster board, ribbon and hot glue.  One mouse ear for each  member of the family.  (i used an assortment of plates, bowls, glasses, etc. to make the mice- two big ones and four little ones)  Hung it up with a bit of tape and balloons….so cute.

We hung different colored streamers, balloons and mouse ears from the ceiling.  It made the room look quite cheery and festive.  The mouse ears are simply the free paint chips from Home Depot.  I used some curling ribbon from my gift stash and some double sided tape from Target and slapped those babies together.

At first I only used one mouse paint card but as it hung suspended in the air, it would twirl and show the back info side.  Thus the reason for the double sided tape- I placed two together.  Ahh…much better.

For the table, I grabbed a cheap plastic table cloth (Walmart: $1.97) and fully intended on wiping it down and saving it for a rainbow party for one of the birthday girls later this summer.  (just like I”m doing with these party hatsDream on, Heather.  We are talking about life with four kids.  It was in sad shape after using it for the party and the rest of the week as we prepared to go (we hated to take it off).  Oh, well.  It was a good plan.

The red polka dot napkins were $1.97 at Walmart.  We’re still using them- they were a big pack.

I also grabbed a bag of straws from the Dollar Tree.  I then clipped out some black mouse ears (paint card) and snipped two horizontal cuts in the middle to create a “holder” for my straw.  It was moment of midnight inspiration that turned out adorable.  (not always the case!)

At Party City, I picked up a pack of 12 multi-colored party hats.  I recycled some plastic bags to make pom-poms for the “boys” and I used polka dot ribbon to make bows for the “girls.”  For the ears, I used some leftover poster board from the “Cheers for Ears” banner.  I grabbed a glass, traced two circles, bent a little bit of one edge back and hot glued them on along with the bows and pom-poms.

The inspiration for this craft was from Pinterest. Yes, the inspiration for this hat was selling for $21 on etsy.  each. Whoa!  I think mine came in at $0.55 (boys) and $0.60 (girls) a piece.  A much more affordable price.

(Here are the inspiration links: pom-poms, and mouse hats)

Hubs made some “Mickey and Friends” chocolates.  (isn’t he the best?  making sweets for his kiddos at midnight…is just, well, sweet.) Thanks to one of my readers, the mickey candy mold was perfect for the party.

The stand was just a foam square from Dollar Tree (pack of three) wrapped in one of the polka dot napkins and stuck in a ramekin (I got this from Target a while back).

Total rabbit trail: anyone else bake with ramekins?

At each place setting, we had “mouse souvenirs” for the family.  A “mouse shirt” and a dvd.  The shirts I had been gathering for the past year or so- Target-$2.40, Gapkids- $0, Walmart- $2.00.  Yeah, way cheaper than Disney World’s prices.  We then selected some classic dvds from Walmart and Ebay:  Davy Crockett, Winnie the Pooh, Bambi, Swiss Family Robinson, etc.  I tied them up with assorted mickey ribbons which I later made into bows for the girls to wear at Disney.  (sensing a theme here?  everything serves double duty to really get the bang out of our bucks.)

The kids loved it.  They promptly sat down at their seats.

And they were super quick to don their mouse ears. 😉

Here’s the cutie patootie mouse baby:

(he was only given the apple slice for the pictures to keep him busy and his hands off of his hat.  didn’t really work!)

We feasted on Mickey chocolate chip pancakes (some with faces and some without), Mickey’s clubhouse yogurt ($0.50 for the 6 pack at HT triples), apple slices and Clarabelle’s Moo juice {aka: milk}.

After we tidied the kitchen together, the girls were allowed to select one chocolate character treat to munch on while snuggling in the living room with Daddy watching Disney’s Pixar Animation Up.  Really cute movie and quite touching in the beginning.  Made me think about how blessed I am.

(yes, I’m a mean mommy-making my daughter pause for a photo shoot in the midst of chocolate.  how cruel.)

We spent the rest of the day faring on mouse food.  The girls (bunny and fuzz) really looked forward to reading the labels at each meal.  Cracked me up.

Lunch- Mickey’s CLUBhouse subs, Clarabelle’s Cheese Puffs and Goofy’s Golden drink {aka: AJ}

Dinner- Pluto’s Pizza, Hot Diggity Dogs {aka: pretzel dogs with mustard}, Donald’s Dunkers {aka: buffalo chicken strips with ranch}, Daisy’s Lays and Clubhouse Cola.

HT did me a great favor by offering ALL of the things that I had wanted for dinner in their weekly “meal deal”- talk about working out the details!

For dessert, we devoured “Pluto’s Dog treats” {aka: homemade chocolate chip cookie sandwiches}.

I simply turned on the oven (yeah, no microwaving here -but you could if you wanted), allowed the marshmallows time to puff and melt a bit and then topped them with another homemade cookie.  Mmmmm….nice n’ gooey.  I soo need to make these again.

We ended the evening muching on these while watching Swiss Family Robinson together.  And snuggling in front of the fireplace.

My mouse banner was another pinterest find.  (and yup, mouse paint cards.  sorry-could not find someone to credit for this idea)  I simply hot glued the cards to some thin white ribbon….and called it done with curling ribbon and balloons.

Free paint cards, balloons, streamers and scoring on some great deals on food and souvenirs helped make this little mouse bash a success.

Fun, frugal and reusable (I saved everything that I could -maybe a Mickey bday party for Pop later on down the road).

Love that. 😉

Stay tuned for another post on the Disney on a Dime series next week.

Happy weekend.

9 thoughts on “Disney on a Dime: A Mouse Celebration

  1. Stephanie

    Heather, this post just came up on my Pinterest feed as a possible interest to me with me pinning things like crazy for our Disney trip. I don’t know why this is the first time I have seen this. What an awesome way to tell your kiddos! 🙂

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    1. heather Post author

      Thanks. Yes, they did. We did. Ok, now you’ve got me, I did. What can I say? The party was for me just as much as them. I’m a kid at heart.

      Looking forward to sharing -for realz. =)

  3. Christina @ The Frugal Homemaker

    wow, Heather!! just, wow….

    this is amazing! LOVED every bit of your decorations! Can you please move closer to me?? I soooo need a friend that understands my love of decorating and going overboard for a party instead of telling me “oh, you are one of THOSE people who change their mantel decoration throughout the year…”

    Pinning some of your ideas – would be super cute for a Mickey birthday party too.

    1. heather Post author

      {sob} I too wish that we lived closer. So glad that we can connect via the internet. Technology can really stink sometimes, but other times, well, I just don’t know what I’d do without it.

      Thanks, we had such a good time decorating and then celebrating- it was all good.

      (Yep, I’m storing everything that I can for a future birthday party and possibly another “Mouse in the House” Disney surprise bash in a few years. 😉 )

    1. heather Post author

      Thanks. We all had fun at the all-day party.

      (Decorating late at night with Hubs was really fun. We got pretty goofy as the night went on. 😉 )


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