“O” Storage

Every day, it’s the same.  It’s all about the “O” here -from the youngest to the oldest (and yes, that’s all the way up to Hubs!)

Well, it seemed like the famous yellow box was constantly being left out on our counter ….and yes, more often than not, it was by me.  {hangs head in shame}

I always had good intentions to get the cereal boxes put away.  And more often than not, I would.  Then I’d scurry out of the kitchen to go fix my hair and throw some make-up on.  (Sadly, my “barn needs painted” every day.  But shhh.  That’s our little secret.)

Then a straggler (aka: random child) would meander through the kitchen, pull a kitchen chair up to the pantry, grab the ever popular yellow box, pour a second bowl of “O” and leave milk drips, chairs askew, doors open and yes, the telltale box out on the counter.

Then I’d come rushing through, calling to the older kiddos to go on out to the car, and ridiculously loading myself down like a pack mule.  You know what I mean- you’re either there or have been there. Purse, diaper bag, coupon binder, snacks, piano bag, pots/pans and laundered dishcloths to return to the church, library books,  school books, mail and ah, yes…a baby on each hip.  (sorry, I’m laughing as I’m typing this)  I’m usually staggering by the time I make it to the front door.

And then I see it.


I think it has to do with it’s bright, sunny shade.  The cheery, golden square catches in my peripheral vision.  What?!  Double take.  I’d have vivid recollections of putting that very box on the shelf. in the pantry. and shutting the door.  My mind must be slipping.

I’d then be faced with two choices -dropping everything and putting the box-with-legs away (yet again) or pretending that I saw nothing.

It was a dilemma that I faced far too often and way too early in the morning.

So I bought this:

I’ve seen them on other counters and always thought, hmmm, I like that.  But we like to keep our counters as clear and empty as possible.  (Why?  I don’t know.  I guess so that we have more room for junk and who knows what to pile up.)

And then it hit me.  Try it.  Go to Wally World or Tar-jay and just buy the jar.

We need it.  Now.

So I did.

Simple.  I love it.  So much in fact, that I’m going to get another one for mini-wheats.  *sigh*

We’re all enjoying it.

Gone are the days of shame. The disgrace of choosing the latter choice and turning a blind eye to the mess as I head out the door.  No more boxes constantly adorning my counter.  Just a classic glass container within easy reach for me to toss it’s contents to the munchkins throughout my day.  Many times a day.

Ahhh.  The little things in life that simplify tasks and organize the chaos  in our home.

Dear Anchorage Jar,

Where have you been all of my life?  And how in the world did I ever raise three children without you?!

We now have a son who is the addicted to your contents.


He is the King of “O”  -hands down.  And makes me so thankful that I found youYou’ve given me my sanity back and regained order on my kitchen counter.


A happy mother


Any problem in your home that drives you batty and you’ve found a solution?  Share -it may help others.

5 thoughts on ““O” Storage

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    1. heather Post author

      Hey, Mom. Thanks. I really enjoy blogging and I’m learning so much along the way. (Hubs wants me to take a graphics/web design course as a way to continue to improve and also as a way to use my “art” in this modern age. We’ll see.)
      Yes, I have several cute and handy subjects to photograph. 😉

  2. Laine

    This made me crack up….we have a cheerios jar too! =) I buy a box of plain and a box of honey nut and mix them together, my hubby loves it this way. Yes, I am a fellow hater of cereal boxes and when the cheerios come in the door I dump them in the container. LOVE. And glad to hear that I’m not the only mother pack mule, lol. Thanks for the laugh!! =)

    1. heather Post author

      Thanks for stopping by, Laine. I love your blog. (love your photos too…would like to get a better camera one day) Yes, Hubs asks me all the time why I pack myself down like that. It’s not like I intentionally set out to do that, but it’s more of a progressive issue. The closer I get to the front door, the more I remember. And the more I remember, the more I grab. Then I find myself insanely laden down on the threshold and think, “oh well, I made it this far, might as well go on out to the car and save myself a second trip.” Good to see that someone else thinks like me. 😉


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