F.A.D. Chicken Crockpot

What?!  This recipe was so incredibly easy that I dubbed it “Forget About Dinner” chicken crockpot.  Really.  I dumped it all in and walked away for hours.  It was fabulous.

Yes, it’s another recipe that I had pinned on Pinterest.  Love that site.  If you need an invite, drop me an email under my contact button at the top.  If not, you can simply follow me on Pinterest.  It’s a very inspiring place to search.

Back to the recipe.  So easy-peasy.  In just a few hours, dinner was ready.  I even had time for a nap.  Rare.

And get this -my kids loved it.  They asked for seconds.  So it’s definitely a keeper in my book.  When mommy gets to sleep and the kids eat without grumbling, it’s a BIG time winner.

F.A.D. Chicken Crockpot  (aka Easy Chicken Crockpot…go ahead- be boring!)

  • 1 (2.5 – 3 lb) bag frozen chicken (recipe called for tenderloins, I used breasts -worked fine)
  • 1 block cream cheese
  • 1 (15 oz.) can of corn (drained)
  • 1  (15 oz.) can of black beans (rinsed and drained)
  • 1 (10 oz.) can of rotel tomatoes (generic is also fine)

Dump everything in the pot in this order, select anywhere from 4-6 hours and happily skip away.  Literally.  Original Recipe called for you to stir occasionally.  I did not.  (remember, Zzzzz?)  It was all good.

When finished, I simply had Hubs prepare some rice on the stove while I shredded my chicken breasts.  If you’d prefer, you could just leave them whole.  The recipe will seem a bit soupy, however, the rice will soak this up.  Yum.

It is a delicious blend of the spice and zip of rotel combined with the creamy goodness of the cream cheese in a tantalizing sauce over chicken, beans and rice.  Mmmm.

You can freeze this recipe for quick meals (we did this), eat it as a soup with tortilla chips, serve over noodles or even use on burritos.  Love all the possibilities.

Enjoy.  The opportunity to forget about dinner comes few and far between.

What have you been pinning and making?  Share.




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11 thoughts on “F.A.D. Chicken Crockpot

  1. Lovefam6

    Can I add the cream cheese at the last 1/2 hour to hour of cooking time? Something about having a dairy product cooking for 8 hrs just doesn’t sound like a good idea, lol. It obviously works well for you, but if anyone is going to have problems, rest assured it will be me. Cooking and I have a love-hate relationship 😉

    1. heather Post author

      Yes, at the end of the cooking time will be great. Thanks for pointing that out. I usually just add dairy at the end as well (cream cheese, sour cream, etc.). Enjoy. 😉

  2. Jenny


    should I set my crockpot on LOW or HIGH? I didn’t see where this was specified. I’m wanting to make it tonight but not sure which setting to use…Thanks!

    1. heather Post author


      Either setting should be fine. High for about 4-6 hours and Low for about 8-10 hours depending on your crockpot.
      I have two crockpots one with a digital setting and one with just a turn dial for High/Low/Warm. The crockpot with the turn dial seems to cook hotter and therefore needs to be watched a bit closer. Enjoy. 😉

  3. Christina @ The Frugal Homemaker

    Mmmmm… sounds really good, Heather!

    We have been eating this – http://www.livinglaughingandloving.com/2012/02/delish-easy-broiled-parmesan-tilapia.html

    Oh my, melt in your mouth good! Don’t know if your family is fish eaters or not but Tilapia is extremely mild – almost tastes like chicken. And it is cheap and good for you 🙂 And you can prepare this from the fridge to the table in less than about 8 minutes – yep, LOVE that too! 😉

    1. heather Post author

      I’d probably have to slip it by the fam. We are not big fish eaters but we are trying to eat better. It’s worth trying and just not mentioning what it is…exactly. 😉 Thanks.

  4. Lisa S.

    Oh, when I used the diced tomatoes, I did add a bit of minced onion, salt, pepper, garlic…so it wouldn’t be without some flavor. 🙂

  5. Lisa S.

    I’ve made this too. So easy and -yum! (You can also use diced tomatoes instead of the rotel if anyone wants it more mild…or if you forget to get some at the store. I’ve made it both ways.) I think I like it best as leftovers, though. I put some re-heated chicken mixture in a tortilla, wrap it up burrito-style, spray both/all sides with cooking spray, and brown it on my electric skillet. (Or you can do it in a pan.) It crisps up the tortilla so nicely and tastes delicious when served with sour cream. 🙂

    1. heather Post author

      We’ll have to try that sometime. I’m always on the lookout for quick meals for Monday through Wednesday due to lessons. Maybe I’ll try it next week with the batch that I froze. Sounds good.

    2. Lovefam6

      Do you think that those could be made and then frozen and warmed up in the microwave? I’m trying to find a recipe to take to a couple for dinner that just had a baby, but I need to drop it off in the morning so I need something super easy to reheat.

      1. heather Post author

        I’m sorry that I’m just getting back to you. Yes, this would freeze well. I plan on making this ahead for our new little blessing coming in August. With this being baby #6, I need to be as prepared as possible -lots of freezer meal prep in my future this summer. Thanks for stopping by. 😉


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