Sneak Peek

Well, it’s time to celebrate  little Pop’s birthday.  We shared cake at our weekly Sunday School class dinner last Thursday.  He was a bit mesmerized by the flame.  He couldn’t take his eyes off of it.  (And yes, then he started reaching for it, so we had to move the plate out of reach.)

Once he figured out how to pick up the cupcake (it was hilarious…it took several minutes.), Pop was all about chowing down.  Definitely inherited his momma’s sweet tooth.

However, tonight we are having a little family party here at the house.  Hubs was given the honors of picking out the birthday theme for Pop.  (I think he really enjoyed doing it.)  Having the theme in mind, I then turned to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration.

Here’s a little peek at the party:

A basketball theme would not have been my first choice for my baby boy (it just seemed like too much of a big boy party).  However, Pop’s fascination with the above basketball set, adoration of any and all balls, Hub’s own love of basketball and March madness just around the corner….well, it did seem to fit.  So baby blue, orange and white it is.

The kids and I have been busy decorating, crafting and baking.  We just finished making party hats this morning.

Yep.  We’re gonna have a ball. 😉

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