Word for 2012

Word for 2012?…..what?  When I read over at Layla’s about choosing a word to dwell on for 2012, I was all for it.  What a great idea.

As I began to think about what my word for 2012 would be, I simply could not get away from this verse.


Yes.  My word for 2012 is gift.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized afresh and anew how many gifts are all around me.  It is humbling to think about how blessed I am each. and. every. day.

Gift of Home

There are days when I find myself complaining and griping about certain issues of my home.  “It’s too smallI need more storage room/closets, or I wish I had a basement or at least a garage.”  Especially on blogland as I’m admiring the beautiful homes and spaces of others, it seems like the green-eyed monster raises his ugly head.  I only have to remind myself that beneath all of the toys, dust and dirty dishes is a beautiful home if I simply take the time to notice.  (Cleaning up the toys, dusting and doing the dishes helps too.)

And if I continue to slowly beautify and simplify my home, I’ll only love it more …which is why I’m determined to finish my home goals this year.

It’s a place to come in from the cold, a place to pillow my head and a place to raise my family.  It is a good gift and I am content.


OBX get-away: 2010

Gift of Love

I still pinch myself sometimes over my hunk of a hubby.  We met in Bible school, and for me it was love at first sight.

I remember noticing a tall, dark-headed guy when I walked into church that first Sunday of college.  Later I realized that I was rooming with this guy’s future sis-in-law.  Then, to top it off, I found out that this dark-headed dude’s brother sat directly behind my assigned seat in chapel.  Talk about working out the details!  God was definitely in control.  A few months later, my heart was smitten when this guy brought the roof down in chapel with his first solo.  (My heart still goes pitter-patter when I hear him sing.)

You see, since I was fourteen I had been praying for my future husband and after eight years of prayers, I married that tall, dark-headed guy.  He completely stole my heart.

Fast-forward eight and a half years, I’m still crazy about my hubs.  He is the most wonderful and kind man.  The guy cleans the tubs, toilets and does most of the laundry. (yeah, he’s a keeper.)

He is my best friend, my biggest cheerleader and my true love.  Marriage is a beautiful gift.  It is a good gift and I am cherished.


Gift of Motherhood

Yes.  I’ve certainly been blessed in this area of life.  I have always loved children…and wanted a whole houseful of them.  There’s just something about a fresh newborn babe that just melts my heart.

I’m treasuring these years with my children.  They are slipping by waaaay too fast.  I find it difficult to believe that Bunny will be eight years old this summer.  Eight?!!  Whoa, people.  So hard to believe.

Children are definitely a gift from God.  It breaks my heart to see others struggle with infertility issues.  Whether its primary or secondary infertility, the heartbreak is the same.

Yet, I have also seen God work in miraculous ways whether through the unexpected gift of a biological child or through the amazing paths of adoption.  And my heart rejoices in their unspeakable joy of parenthood.

While I’ve not walked their path of pain and tears,  I understand completely the overwhelming feeling of love as your child is placed in your arms.  You are on the threshold of an incredible journey.

Embrace it.

The gift of motherhood is precious calling in life.  It is a good gift and I am honored.


Gift of Laughter

Some of life’s sweetest moments are just having fun together as family.  Letting your hair down and being downright silly.  Laughter feels good.

My kids enjoy it when I play with them and ,yes, we have a blast together.  Their little faces just glow with happiness when Hubs or I (or both of us) join in their fun.  And I always make a mental note, as I resume my duties, to make time for them more often.

On Tuesday evening, I enjoyed watching Courageous with Hubby.  I cried.  The scene where the daddy danced alone moved me to tears.  It was a solemn reminder to both my husband and I to cherish every minute.  Who cares whose watching?  Laugh. Dance. Giggle.

Life is full of sorrows, however, sometimes a small thing like a good chuckle can make the world seem right again.  It is a good gift and I am joyful.


Gift of Life

At our very first breath, we were given a wondrous gift.  The gift of life itself.

There are many more gifts that we could all list ….on and on.  Faith, health, strength, food, clothing, finances, friends and let’s not forget chocolate.

Yet they all hinge on this one gift.  Life.  If it wasn’t for this priceless gift, we would never have the opportunity or the joy of all the others.  It is a good and perfect gift and I am blessed.

So as I face the sunrise each morning, I want to remind myself this year of the gifts that surround me.  I am content with home, cherished with love, honored with motherhood, joyful with laughter and blessed with life.

Therefore, I am rich. They are indeed good and perfect gifts in my life.

How about you?  Do you have a “word” that will be the focus of your heart and mind in 2012?


Linking up to Layla’s 2012 Word of the Year party.

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