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I was so sad yesterday.  I was reading on a blog about the blogger’s local Target marking their Christmas to 90%.  There was no way I could get there…remember our car situation?  Well, I simply told myself to buck up.  There is always next year.  (Not what I wanted to hear from myself….that means waiting through this whole new year AND until after Christmas.  That seemed like light years away.)  Well after taking my daughter to school this morning, I thought well, really, what could it hurt to just drop in?  Just real quick.

They were just dropping everything to 90% this morning. What’s a gal like me to do?!  I was sooo excited.


We are hoping to finish our bonus room into a family room/playroom during this next year.  So I was happy to find some things for a future tree up there that the kids will decorate. (Won’t that be a sight to behold?!)  Tree topper- $1.50 ($15.00) and lights- $0.69 ($6.99). Woo-hoo!


Some ornaments ranging from $0.10-$1.00.  I actually bought more of the white felt trees and also some felt hearts.  A pack of three for $0.10 can’t be beat.  🙂


Thanks to a tip from a friend, I ran through the office supply aisle and just grabbed a bunch of different brands/types of tape to pricecheck myself.  It took a few minutes of scanning but was well worth it to find the ones considered “Christmas” for 90% off. Total score.  They were $0.20 each except for the double-sided tape which was $0.30.  We are soooo stocked on tape now.  🙂


Paper products were $0.20 each and candy was $0.10.  Girls gotta have chocolate.  (I like to crush chocolate holiday candy and freeze it.  Great for chocolate chunk cookies.)


Just because they were cool.  🙂  Stirrers and picks in one-$0.30.

They still had a bunch of stuff when I left this morning and reportedly other local Targets had even more to offer for 90%.  Mine had lots of ornaments, giftbags, bows, tissue paper,paper products. I also snagged parchment paper, hand soap and lotion for under $0.30 each.  So many deals.  Whew!

So hurry.  90% only lasts for one day.  Any items not sold are boxed up for salvage.

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