Baby Love

It all began a little over seven weeks ago.  It was President’s day.  Hubby and Bunny were at home with us.  We had a kind of lazy day together.  I wasn’t having contractions or anything, but looking back, things were happening and I just didn’t realize it.  (Yeah I know…after four times I should.  But hey, they are all different.)

We went for a family walk after dinner.  I REALLY wanted to have that baby.  Still no contractions.  I just felt off.

We put the girls in bed and settled in to watch a movie together.  Hubby sat on the loveseat so that I could lay down on our couch.  I stayed awake for the ENTIRE movie.  Note: This was unusual for me.  I was usually sound asleep a half hour into the movie.  (At the end of a pregnancy, this tired lil’ mama simply cannot take it.)  However, this night was different.  I just didn’t know why.  Hubby kept checking on me (ie. talking to me to see if I was still awake-he hates to watch a movie alone.) and I was fine.  He was surprised but didn’t say anything.

It was 11pm.

The movie had just ended when my water broke.  I was still lying down on the couch.  I was shocked.  Not that my water broke on its own (this made 3 out of 4 that this had happened) but  rather that it broke FIRST…before the contractions.  My girls were all born in a matter of minutes after my water broke.  All I could do was gasp.

My husband heard me.  Loud and clear…and he knew.

I carefully ran for towels to sit on in the car while Hubby woke up all of the girls and hustled them out to the car.  We did not take time for shoes for them.  We called our babysitter and let her know that we were coming.

We were off.

We quickly dropped off the girls and gave a few rushed instructions.  We had to leave.

The 20 minute stretch of highway before us was terrifying.  The chilling question swirling around in both of our minds, “Would we make it?”  (Background here: Bunny was born 45 minutes after water broke, Fuzz was 20 minutes after water broke and Zip was born immediately after…at the doctor’s office!)  So yeah, we were scared.  We were shaking in our boots.

I called the doctor on call at the hospital and let him know that we were coming.

We made it safely to the emergency room and checked in.  I was then settled in L&D where my water broke the rest of the way and the contractions began to hit steadily.  Because I had not “labored” at home for a few hours prior to the water breaking, I had to do that there.  Hubby and I went round and round the nurses station hallway for a bit.

Hubby and I chatted in between contractions which were getting fairly close together now.  I was trying to keep my mind off of the contractions by talking and then focusing on a vent on the ceiling during the pain.  Hubby was a great coach.

At 4:57 am our son was born.  He was 8 lbs 3 oz and 21 inches long.

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce “Pop” (We have dubbed all of our children with nicknames and I share those on here for privacy reasons.).  You can guess why we call him this name.  😉

Hello world.  “Pop” just seconds old.




Ten tiny toes.


One week old.

He has been and is a delight to our family.  My husband and I are once again in awe of the miracle of birth.  Life is truly a gift from God.

We had already welcomed his big sisters: Bunny, Fuzz and Zip….


So in the wee hours on February 22, 2011, we found ourselves falling in love again….

with Pop.

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  1. Rosa

    I’m a little behind in blog checking…
    Funny how each girl was progressively quicker, but your little guy was different. 😉 Your girls are so big and your little guy very precious! Congratulations!!
    We miss you all! God bless!!


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