S5, E7: News Baby {The Birth Story of Baby #5}

Welcome to the last episode of the Delivery Drama series in season five. Unbelievable. I’m still shaking from last week’s nail-biter, but then again I typically have the shakes after labor is over. Hormones and nerves hit me big time.

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed writing this series. This was such a good mental exercise of my mind and heart to try to put into words the vast array of thoughts and emotions from the nine months prior to that dreary Wednesday morning. It turned out to be a precious challenge and one that I will be forever grateful that I recorded here.

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And here’s the final one

Season 5, Episode 7: News Baby -The drama of television

news baby

This little clip from our local evening news pretty much tells today’s story. ;)

For the record, the police officer was a former EMT and was a tremendous blessing to check over both me and the baby. (He did not deliver the baby though.) Obviously, as indicated by the clip of the 9-1-1 call from the police officer, paramedics were also brought to the scene.

However, after assessing the well-being of both myself and Baby Five, both emergency response teams gave clearance for our little morning drive to continue on to the birthing center.

I was thrilled.

Our babysitter met us at the birthing center as planned and Hubs and I spent the entire day resting in our little suite of rooms. It was difficult to take our eyes off of our new, little bundle sleeping sweetly by our full-size bed (Hubs LOVED being able to rest along with me. Hospitals should totally follow suit and put full-size beds in their mother/baby units. New fathers get tired too.)

I just couldn’t believe she was here.

We were discharged from the birthing center early in the evening. I may have given the whirlpool tub used for water births in my suite a hateful kick as I exited. I totally may have done that.

Next time…perhaps.

We arrived home. It was still October 23, 2013 and the clock on my nightstand now read 8:30 pm. (The clock and I had smoothed issues out. We were now friends again.) I eased back into my own bed, snuggling my newborn in my arms.

All in a day’s work, my friends, all in a day’s work.  ;)


Like my other children, Baby #5 was also given a screen name. Her name is Van. Fitting, don’t you think?

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The Drawer Disorder {31 Days of Life. Contained.}

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Recently I got weary of looking at my utensil drawer in my kitchen. It was in a constant state of disarray, a jumbled mess of tools. Sadly, I realized one day that I only used about half of the items rolling around in that drawer.

the drawer disorder

That did it.

I grabbed that drawer and emptied its contents on my counter and sorted through them. And I mean, really sorted. If I didn’t use it on a regular basis, it did not stay. I was firm, but not wasteful. Any of the items that were being discarded were taken upstairs to my 2015 yard sale pile. (It’s a mammoth pile -a result of my ruthless organizing and simplifying of our home. I’ll probably need a moving truck to haul it to my yard sale site come May. ha.)

kitchen organization

The result was so worth it. I can actually see what I have.

kitchen drawer organization

For some of the smaller items, I purchased a few containers from Target. These were the ones that I ended up choosing for this project. I love their warm tone. They are made of bamboo, a natural resource. I love this.

kitchen drawer storage

Here’s a few of my favorites.

I could marry this peeler. I used a paring knife during the early years of my marriage -and cut my fingers a couple dozen times as well. Now I can peel potatoes without a first aid kit nearby.

This ice cream scoop has made my life easier. We love ice cream, like LOVE it, love it. However, we have gone through at least a dozen ice cream scoops during a our marriage. We clearly needed a stainless steel one -plastic and metal alloy was not working for our family. I picked this one up on clearance and it was life-changing. No more broken, flying handles.

This pastry blender is still at the top of my list. It makes throwing together a homemade pie crust a breeze. I owe my husband a blueberry pie today. I guess that I better get on that during nap time. ;)

organizing kitchen drawers

I’d like to tell you about a few other things, but I guess that this is what happens when you de-clutter. (I’ll share another day -promise.)

The only items that remain are favorites.


tip 20

Do you have a drawer or two in your kitchen that could use a little love? Need to weed out some things? This is your challenge for today. Give away or sell what you no longer love or need. Simplify a zone by only keeping the things you love. It will make life and maintaining a tidy environment so much easier.



The Clothing Concern {31 Days of Life. Concerned.}

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the clothing concernMy girls share a room and they are not always thrilled about it. It can get a bit overwhelming when life gets busy, and by overwhelming, I mean messy.

I do my utmost to help them keep their room clean. Several months ago, I invested in lined baskets for their closet shelving. I would watch for the baskets to go on sale and then purchase one or two -whatever would fit into my budget. Then I would wait for another sale to come around.

Patience is key.

organizing kids closetsHowever, especially for Fuzz (my eight year old), it’s still not easy for the girls to see inside of the baskets and I was going to add some tags to label them. Really I was. I just kept putting it off.

Then I found these stainless steel, chalkboard basket labels at Target on clearance. Happy dance.

Procrastination can sometimes pay off -only sometimes.

organizing children's clothing

I labeled each of the tags with my beloved Dollar Spot chalk marker from Target. I love that thing. I may have grabbed another marker last Tuesday…the last one at that particular Target store. (I figured that I had better stock up while they have them.)

The five baskets are for underthings (one for Bunny and one for Fuzz), pajamas (again one for each of them) and socks/tights (for them to share).

children's clothing storageNow to get the girls into the habit of returning items to the baskets.

Just solving one problem at a time….. ;)


What about you? Do you store some clothing items in baskets? I love that everything can be dropped in the basket for quick storage – no stacking and yes, even no folding required. Use container labels to help your daily routines run more smoothly. No more hunting.tip 19

For socks…or anything else.

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The Necktie Nuisance {31 Days of Life. Contained.}

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One of my favorite organizational zones has been my husband’s tie rack. Over the years, we have tried everything -hangers, special tie hangers, tie racks that we mounted on the wall, etc.

the necktie nuisance

Most of our issues with these different methods was that they provided inadequate storage and/or they simply didn’t work. We ended up with my husband’s ties slipping off on to the floor due to the fabric material as well as the fact that we were often doubling (and sometimes tripling!) the amount of ties on one hook. Fifteen hooks just wasn’t cutting it for my pastor-hubby.

We needed something flat against the wall, simple and capable of holding several dozen ties.

closet organization

A curtain rod was the perfect solution to our problem. It was easy to install and cheap. This one was only ten bucks from Lowes.

Hanging ties is now a snap. And fun. I sometimes even go in there and organize the ties by color. Clearly on those days, I have too much time. Or I’m avoiding another task.

organizing closet storageWe were hanging my scarf collection and our belts with his ties, but my seven scarves were beginning to encroach on his bazillion neckties and had to go elsewhere. The belts were allowed to stay.

Not that I’m bitter. My scarves are living quite happily in a drawer….with smidgen of room for growth.


tip 18

How do you organize neckties? Or belts and scarves? This example of storage would even work with shower hooks to hang handbags. A rod can be an excellent method for open, accessible storage. We’ve been using a curtain rod for several years now and still love it.

And if you need a laugh, you can look back at a post introducing this technique from my early blog days.

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