A New Twist on Christmas Gift Wrap

Trader Joes paper grocery bags

Hello and welcome back.     We have seen some really, wonderful Christmas ideas this week and all of them have been on a budget. Well, my simple inspiration is just as frugal. It was free in fact. I was able to reuse something in my home and I love it. This is what I used: (I apologize in advance that my pictures are not the best. Rainy, cloudy days are not a photographer's friend, so waiting then resulted in nighttime shots.)     Don't you just love … [Continue reading...]

Blog Again, Blog Again, Jiggity-Jig (+ a Christmas series)

I'm back. :) Whew. It has been quite the few months since I've been on here. And I spent it living out of a suitcase. Literally. I packed for my kids to spend a week in WV visiting my family, packed for a couples retreat, packed for my husband to fly up north to his brother's wedding, for the fam for vacation, for a whirlwind weekend to WV for my grandmother's 90th birthday, packed for my daughter for junior camp, for my kids to go to WV {again}, for Hubs and I to take the teens to … [Continue reading...]

Five New Favorites

ws epicurean pizza cutter

Life is settling down…I think. Morning sickness is not something that I have ever had to struggle with during my pregnancies (sure, go ahead and hate me!), but fatigue is definitely one of them. I thought that I’d take a moment to share a couple of new loves that I’ve discovered recently. New trinkets can [...]

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Thump, Thump

October baby

My breath caught. Nothing. The agony of waiting and straining my ears was heart wrenching. What if….. But I then I heard it and my breath caught again. It was one of the sweetest sounds that life brings. Thump, thump. Tears slipped down my cheeks as I was once again in awe at the miracle [...]

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Thump, Thump



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When It Rains, It Sometimes Pours

Just wanted to drop you, my readers, a line before another week passes. I am still here. Thank you guys for your questions and concerns over my absence on the ol’ blog for the past few weeks. Can we just say the word sickness and be done with it? We’ve just about had it all [...]

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The Top Drawer Job {S.O.S.}

bathroom drawer organization

Today is a very special day. I am officially the mother of a two year old. Again. Perhaps I should be scared- the whole terrible two thing, ya know? But I’m not sweating yet. Day one and we’re doing well. =) We also had two little boys that spent the night and day with us. [...]

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A Decent Sort of Fellow

baked potato soup

I’ve told you before that I absolutely love potatoes and so does my man. That makes us a good match, right? Fellow starch fans. Russet potatoes are my absolute favorite, but I don’t mind the others. Truly I don’t. Gold, red, and white are really just as delicious. Yes, the early 1870s was a good [...]

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Our Love Story: The Seven Year Prayer {Part 1}

our love story

In honor of this being the month of love, I thought that perhaps I would share my love story with you. Mushy, I know, but I am without a doubt a romantic soul. I first met my future husband in the fall of 2000, but in reality, our love story began long before that fall [...]

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The Walk-in Dilemma {S.O.S.}

walk-in closet

**Sorry for the delay in this series. Every weekend it was something new, but that’s life, right? So I decided to roll with it- in spite of an ear infection, sore throat, antibiotics, and a trip to Urgent Care. And yes, that would be me. I missed the memo this year on mommies not getting [...]

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